Kelly & Michael: AJR Infinity + I’m Ready Performance Review


Kelly & Michael: AJR

The band AJR stopped by for a performance on Live! With Kelly & Michael. I don’t know too much about them, but I was excited to hear what they were like. I read up a bit and they’re actually a band of brothers named Adam, Jack and Ryan Met that got started in 2006, and they do everything themselves from writing, producing, mixing, and performing their own stuff. And they all do it from the living room of their apartment in Chelsea. After hearing that I was definitely more interested. Clearly they have a lot of talent. I think it’s incredible when people manage to do everything themselves, and I think it’s great that they’re all brothers that decided to work together. And they’re doing it all from their apartment yet they’ve managed to make great sounding music. That’s just incredible. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan showed some of their music video before introducing them. Their new EP Infinity is available now.

Kelly & Michael: Infinity Performance

Kelly & Michael: AJR Infinity + I'm Ready Performance Review

AJR came by to perform and talked to Kelly & Michael about how they started out by street performing in New York City. (Songquan Deng /


AJR performed their song “Infinity” on Live! With Kelly & Michael and they were really good. The song definitely had an indie feel and vibe to it and they’re really talented. They had amazing voices and they all played instruments and sang. They had some great harmonies too. I think it’s really fun that they’re all brothers and it’s so impressive that they basically did all of this on their own. The song was also just a happy and energetic song. It had a great energy and feel to it. It was a really fun performance. One sang and played a drum.

Kelly & Michael: AJR Start

They actually started out by street performing in Washington Square Park and stuff like that. They started out busking and made enough money to get tools and a ukulele and started doing things in their living room. They put things out on Twitter and Sia heard them and contacted them. One of them was tweeting a bunch of celebrities during a college class as a last resort and she retweeted it. They got brunch together and it all took off.

Kelly & Michael: I’m Ready Performance

AJR then performed their song “I’m Ready,” which was just as energetic. They’re definitely really talented. It had a great beat and feel to it.


Check out the video here:


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