American Idol’s Phillip Phillips Dedicates ‘Home’ To Michael Strahan


Live With Kelly & Michael: Phillip Phillips

Last spring, Phillip Phillips became the 11th winner of the American Idol title on the music competition show. He also became the first musical guest on the newly christened Live With Kelly & Michael, joining the new co-hosts for a quick chat and performance, which was initially postponed.

Kelly Ripa explained that Phillip had to cancel his scheduled appearance on Live in May after winning American Idol. That’s because he had to have emergency surgery, but he did call Kelly on the air and promise to return. He made good on the promise and said he is doing well after surgery.


American Idol's Phillip Phillips Dedicates 'Home' To Michael Strahan

Idol winner Phillip Phillips dedicated his performance of "Home" to new co-host Michael Strahan. (Helga Esteb /

Michael asked how he competed through the pain. “I would always save up my energy for the next week,” Phillip admitted, focusing on the live performance shows.

Kelly & Michael: Phillip Phillips Kidney Stent

Phillip explained that he had flu-like symptoms, but they wouldn’t go away. He had a stent inserted in his kidney to help keep his system clear. Kelly said she’s noticed that past Idol contestants have reported that it’s easy for the flu or strep to spread among competitors. Phillip said he’s lucky that there weren’t any outbreaks during his time on the show, which could’ve made his condition worse.


Michael asked about Phillip’s Olympic viewing habits. He said he only really caught the beach volleyball on TV, but Michael pointed out that Phillip’s song “Home” was chosen as the official US women’s gymnastics team’s performance.

“I’m so thankful for them, that they wanted to use it, ‘cause they gave it another life,” Phillip said.

Phillip Phillips “Home” Performance: Dedicated To Michael Strahan

Phillip Phillips gave his rain check performance, dedicating a performance of “Home” to new co-host Michael Strahan.

“This is your new home,” Phillip said to Michael. “Hopefully you enjoy it.” Phillip sang and played guitar, supported only by another guitarist doing backup vocals.

We haven’t had many opportunities to get a feel for the acoustics of the newly renovated Live studios, which debuted in spring 2012. But at least for this acoustic performance, the space seemed to be a good fit, and Phillip came across much more confident behind a guitar than he did in an interview stool.

You can check out more of Phillip’s music on his EP, Phillip Phillips American Idol Season 11 Highlights.

How Many Kids Does Michael Strahan Have?

Live audiences will be getting to know Michael Strahan better in the coming months. Do you know how many children Kelly’s new co-host has? The answer is four: Tanita, Michael Jr., and twins Sophia and Isabella.


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