Live With Kelly: Top Teacher Week Danielle Greco of John F Kennedy


Live With Kelly: Danielle Greco on Top Teacher Week

Kelly Ripa: Danielle Greco of John F Kennedy

Live With Kelly's Top Teacher Week kicked-off with Danielle Greco.

Top Teacher Week is a competition where the Live With Kelly audience will vote for one winner out of five finalists, all amazing teachers who are changing lives. The first finalist is Danielle Greco, a special education teacher from John F. Kennedy Middle School in Bethpage, NY. The school’s principal said that Ms. Greco is a teacher who “goes above and beyond.” In a video segment, the audience got to know Ms. Greco and all the wonderful things that she has done for her students. All of her colleagues spoke very highly of her, and she described her work in attempting to make her special needs students feel loved and accepted. Ms. Greco organized a program where her students could partake in school sports through a special basketball team. All of her students applauded her, and in turn, she thanked them for making her an important part of their lives.


Live With Kelly: Vote for Top Teacher Week

In the next segment, Danielle Greco joined Kelly and Jimmy, where she described the growing success of her basketball program and her happiness in making a difference. She was presented with a trophy for being a finalist, which featured a shiny golden apple. Additionally, Ms. Greco also won a room’s worth of HP laptops for her students, something that she had been wishing for a long a time. As if that weren’t enough, Ms. Greco also won a luxurious spa trip to St. Lucia. She is also still in the running to be the top teacher, who will win $25,000 for his or her school, plus a 2013 Ford Fusion sedan. Viewers can vote for the top teacher this week on the Live With Kelly site.


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