Top Teacher Finalist John Motchkavitz Robotics & Furniture Design


Kelly & Michael: Top Teacher Week

The second teacher for Top Teacher Week, John Motchkavitz, came by to talk to Kelly & Michael. He’s the head of the business and technology department for his school. He teaches robotics and furniture design. Kelly wondered where he was when she was a student. He teaches in Great Neck South High School, in Great Neck, New York. Kelly & Michael played a video of him.

Kelly & Michael: Motch Nickname

Everyone calls him Motch. He’s supportive and dedicated. He’s always there for the students. He’s genuine, caring, enthusiastic, and motivating. He always gets to know the students. He puts everyone at ease. He always finds a spot for you and makes you feel important. Motch treats all the students with respect no matter who they are. Plus, they make robots together.


Kelly & Michael: John Motchkavitz Top Teacher Week

John Motchkavitz, the “unofficial mayor of Great Neck,” came by as the second finalist for Top Teacher Week.

Kelly & Michael: Midnight Run Charity

He also does Midnight Run. He distributes food, clothing, and other supplies to the homeless with students, parents, and other faculty members. He also helps with lacrosse, and builds the sets for the theater department. He works through anything, even snowstorms, to get the job done. He also helps with their service trips on a reservation in Arizona.

Kelly & Michael: John Motchkavitz Growing Up

Motch showed pictures from his childhood. His first grade teacher even talked about him. He talked about his first bicycle. He helped make it. He was also on the lacrosse team. He had great memories form school and growing up. He wants to help give kids those experiences. He said that school is more than just a textbook.


Kelly & Michael: Unofficial Mayor of Great Neck

Everyone stops him on the streets to say hi. Everyone knows him. It takes him forever to get somewhere. He’s the unofficial mayor of Great Neck. He also volunteers with Girl Scouts, the Maccabee Games and other things. He was Santa for 14 years. He’s been a volunteer firefighter for 29 years. He responded on 9/11. He thinks everyone should give back a little bit. He wants his kids to be happy and to make a difference.

Kelly & Michael: John Motchkavitz Gifts

Kelly told Motch that she felt like a loser after watching his video. He’s dedicated to everything. They gave him the Top Teacher Award. They also gave him 30 Intel devices.

Motch has a place on his bucket list that he’s been dying to see. They’re sending him to Alaska. He’s going on a week-long cruise for two. Michael said he had an incredible story. They thanked him for coming.


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