Tom Hanks: He Knows You’re Alone, Breakfast Cereal & Captain Phillips


Kelly & Michael: Tom Hanks

Everyone loves Tom Hanks, who has been entertaining audiences for decades. He was on Kelly and Michael’s show to discuss his latest role as Captain Phillips, based on a true story. He discussed breakfast cereal, his first movie, and much more.

Kelly and Michael: Tom Hanks Breakfast Cereal

Tom Hanks quizzed Kelly Ripa about her positive experiences with Jessica Seinfeld’s Can’t Cook Book. She said that it has taught her how to cook. Hanks said that he does not cook, but he loves to eat. “Who doesn’t enjoy food?” he pondered. “Most of my life was honestly spent eating breakfast cereals, ‘cause you can have them any time of the day or night.”


He recalled pondering the serious decisions surrounding childhood cereal options. Ripa said she grew up eating generic puffed wheat cereal.

Kelly & Michael: Tom Hanks Twitter

Tom Hanks: He Knows You're Alone, Breakfast Cereal & Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks told Kelly & Michael that he likes to eat a lot of cereal. He discussed portraying the true story of Captain Phillips and his first movie role. (Debby Wong /

Michael Strahan said he follows Hanks on Twitter, where the actor posts photos of lost items, such as single gloves or pacifiers. He also found a spatula. I guess there is something artful about all this. It reminds me of some neighbors I used to have, who left random trash outside their back door.


“It makes me sad seeing those little lost items,” Hanks said.

He is a grandfather of two, and the new granddaughter was born in June 2013. Hanks and wife Rita Wilson are “eternally youthful,” according to Ripa. He praised his own children for their smarts, even comparing them to Diana Nyad.

Fill in the Hanks: He Knows You’re Alone Movie & Tom Hanks Nickname

The co-hosts played a game called Fill in the Hanks to get to know Tom Hanks a little better.

He starts his morning by petting the dog, who is waiting by the bed. His wife calls him Baby Doll or Wolf Dog. He sleeps in pajamas and a T-shirt, in case you were wondering.

Hanks said he would never eat yams; he just doesn’t like them. Seeing Rita always makes him smile. His first kiss was with Carl, he said with a laugh.

His favorite wedding dance move is lifting the bride up on a chair with a group of guests. Hanks spills his secrets to his dog. When he is home alone, he raids the fridge for bad snacks. From his body of work, he chose He Knows You’re Alone, his first professional film.

Kelly and Michael: Tom Hanks Captain Phillips

Everyone remembers the Somali pirate hijacking in 2009, and now the true story of Captain Phillips is coming to theaters, with Hanks in the lead role. Ripa said she recalled watching news reports about the incident. “You took me on this journey all over again,” Ripa said.

“It seems hopeless at a point,” Hanks said. He did not meet his co-stars, who were portraying the hijackers, until they started filming their first scenes together. The director, Paul Greengrass, intentionally kept them apart.

He said the men, Barkhad Abdi, Barkhad Abdirahman, Faysal Ahmed, and Mahat M. Ali, are delightful in person, but “they are the scariest, skinniest human beings on the planet” in the movie. The Somali natives now live in the Minneapolis area. They really enjoy their adopted home in the Midwest.

Kelly & Michael: Captain Phillips Review

How did the real life Captain Phillips react to the film adaptation? He was prepared that there would be omissions from the story, and Phillips actually stills works as a captain. He said the story of the movie looked familiar to him, which was good enough for Hanks.

Even though we know how the story ends, Ripa said she was on the edge of her seat while watching the film. In a clip, Hanks’s character hears from the Somalis that the hijacking was supposed to have gone smoothly.

The film did spend one day of shooting out on open water, making the cast and crew seasick. Hanks said his time spent shooting scenes while in a lifeboat did not smell good.

Check out Captain Phillips in theaters starting October 11 2013.


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