Sarah Michelle Gellar Kids, Moving & “The Crazy Ones” Review


Sarah Michelle Gellar: Kids’ Birthdays

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar discussed her busy month of September on Live! With Kelly & Michael. Not only has she launched a brand new TV show, The Crazy Ones, but she also moved and celebrated the birthdays of both her children. Plus, her husband, Freddie Prinze, Jr, was working in Canada, and her nanny was away on a ten-day wedding trip. Needless to say, Sarah learned how to become very good at multitasking!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Kids, Moving & "The Crazy Ones" Review

Sarah Michelle Gellar discussed her new series “The Crazy Ones,” working with Robin Williams, and celebrating her kids’ birthdays. (Jaguar PS /


Sarah has two children, Charlotte and Rocky, whose birthdays are less than 24 hours apart. They just turned four and one. Since becoming a mother, Sarah has learned to utilize her (very limited) free time to the best of her ability. She said that once while working on a Sunday, and stuck in a lengthy meeting, she even squeezed in a five-minute bikini wax during break. If that’s not multitasking, I don’t know what is.

Kelly & Michael: Sarah Michelle Gellar Stress Of Moving

Everyone knows how stressful moving is, and for Sarah, it was no exception. Especially when her husband, Freddie, didn’t pack any of his own stuff. Sarah this time as a great opportunity for getting rid of things her family doesn’t need. However, her daughter was “horrified” that everyone was touching her toys!

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Working With Robin Williams

Sarah’s new show is called The Crazy Ones, where she stars as Robin Williams’ daughter. Sarah called Robin not just one of the kindest actors, but one of the kindest people, she’s ever met. He calls her all the time, asks about her kids, and makes sure she’s always doing well.


According to Sarah, working with Robin on set is so much fun. As you can imagine, it’s often hard to keep a straight face during scenes. Sarah likened this to hearing your kids say a bad word and knowing you shouldn’t laugh, but doing it anyway!

Kelly and Michael: The Gellar Games

Then, Sarah played a quiz on the topic of other celebrities with three names. She answered questions about Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Olivia Newton-John, Neil Patrick Harris, David Hyde Pierce, Melissa Joan Hart, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Impressively, she answered every single question correctly, and even filled us in with mini-anecdotes about these stars. For example, Sarah and Melissa Joan Hart went to school together, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson showed her where the good coffee is on her lot.

See Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Crazy Ones, which airs Thursdays on CBS.


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