Kelly & Michael: Rose Byrne The Internship Review & CFDA Awards


Kelly & Michael: Rose Byrne Presents at the CFDA Awards

Rose Byrne was a presenter at the CFDA Awards the other night and she said, being the fashion geek she is, she had an excellent time fanning out on some of her idols. But she seemed most excited to talk with Hillary Clinton.

She also said Andy Cohen was hosting the awards ceremony which made it even more fun for her.


“It was glamorous. Very New York,” she said.

Kelly Ripa Wanted Rose Byrne and Glenn Close to Kiss on Damages

Kelly & Michael: Rose Byrne The Internship Review & CFDA Awards

Rose Byrne stopped by Live! to talk about her role in the new film The Internship and she also talked about presenting at the CFDA Awards.
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Kelly Ripa told Rose Byrne she loved her in Damages but for the whole series she was also hoping Byrne would reach across the table and just kiss Glenn Close, adding that the chemistry they had was so palpable.


Hopefully we get to see Byrne in another starring role on a TV series. She said she has wanted to work on another TV series since Damages so hopefully she gets cast in one in soon.

Rose Byrne: The Internship Review

Rose Byrne is starring alongside Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in the new film The Internship, where she plays an Australian Google executive named Dana Simms.

When asked what it was like shooting at Google, Byrne said it was quite the change from a normal movie set.

“It is like a parallel universe of books, free food and free dry cleaning,” said Byrne.

She loved working on the movie though. She said she got a lot of training on Bridesmaids on how to be quiet on set when so much fun stuff if happening around you so she used that new skill while filming The Internship.

“For Owen and Vince, it is effortless for them to be funny so I was just trying to keep up,” said Byrne.


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