Michael Strahan’s Pet Pig Betsy & Nicole Murphy’s Mouse in Africa


Live! with Kelly & Michael: Nicole Murphy

Michael Strahan’s fiancee Nicole Murphy is stunning. She glided out in high, high heels and a hot pink dress. She’s just so beautiful you can’t help but stare. She came to share things we may not know about Michael Strahan.

Michael Strahan's Pet Pig Betsy & Nicole Murphy's Mouse in Africa

Nicole Murphy, Michael Strahan’s fiancee, shared some interesting facts that few people know about Michael. Did you know that Michael Strahan had a pet pig? (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


Michael Strahan Hates Mice

Michael took Nicole to Africa for her 40th birthday. They got to the hotel and while Michael was in the shower, Nicole found a mouse in the bed. She screamed and jumped around and Michael told her there was no mouse. They called the hotel staff, who laughed at them. There are tigers and lions outside and these people are afraid of a mouse? Michael and the hotel thought the mouse was gone and Nicole got back into the bed. She was telling Michael that she wasn’t feeling comfortable with the mouse still in the room, but Michael just told her she was “tripping.”

That’s when Nicole lifted the pillow and found the mouse again. Michael took his magazine and began swatting the bed, eventually getting the elusive mouse out of the room. That night, Nicole brushed Michael’s back with her long, acrylic nails. He whimpered and thought it was the mouse again.

Michael Strahan’s Pet Pig Betsy & Wants to Be A Rapper

Nicole Murphy shared the top nine things we don’t know about Michael Strahan. From owning a pig to spooning, here are the weird facts and cool facts about Michael Strahan.

  • 9. When Michael is serious about something he starts his sentences with, “Let me tell you about something.”
  • 8. Michael truly thinks he could be a rapper.
  • 7. Michael had a pet pig named Betsy when he lived in Texas.
  • 6. Michael can’t stand being tickled.
  • 5. Michael does not eat lamb or oysters.
  • 4. Michael can’t stand it when someone leaves a water bottle half full on the counter.
  • 3. Michael likes a crunchy chocolate chip cookie.
  • 2. Michael sings over the artist on the Grammy Awards.
  • 1. Michael loves to spoon. “Look at her, why wouldn’t I?” Michael said.


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