Michael Strahan Fox NFL Sunday Team & Super Bowl Rings


Kelly & Michael: FOX NFL Sunday Team

Kelly Ripa was overwhelming outnumbered when Michael Strahan’s Fox NFL Sunday co-hosts—Howie Long, Jimmy Johnson, Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, and Jay Glazer—all stopped by the show. Michael sat with his fellow sportscaster buddies, leaving Kelly all on her own! The guys all managed to answer a few questions, but mostly, they just ribbed on each other!

Jimmy Johnson Michael Strahan Dallas Cowboys

Michael Strahan Fox NFL Sunday Team & Super Bowl Rings

Michael Strahan’s Fox NFL Sunday team stopped by Live! to discuss football, Super Bowl rings, weather, and more.


Howie and Terry have worked together the longest, about 20 years. Howie joked that their relationship is “like marriage without the payoff.” Jimmy and Michael almost worked together, but it never actually happened. Jimmy explained that he wanted Michael to join the Dallas Cowboys, so he sent a scout to his house, but the New York Giants stole him away.

However, Michael remembers it differently! According to him, Jimmy passed on Michael first, and then the Giants snatched him afterwards. They’ll just have to agree to disagree!

Terry Bradshaw: Most Super Bowl Rings

Out of everyone, Terry Bradshaw has the most Super Bowl rings. He doesn’t wear them, though; he donated them to Louisiana Tech for display. Perhaps to impress her, all the guys started taking off their rings and giving them to Kelly. Michael called his ring a “ten table ring,” which means when you’re sitting at a dinner party, you can see it from ten tables away!


2014 Super Bowl Weather Predictions

According to Farmer’s Almanac, there may be a blizzard at this year’s Super Bowl, taking place in January 2014 on the East Coast. Terry explained that the Farmer’s Almanac is 80% accurate, but that players can perform under any condition.

All the guys have experienced and played in extremely cold weather. Kelly wondered if extremely low temperatures were unsafe for the players, but Howie said that they’re fine—it’s the broadcasters who suffer!

Kelly & Michael: Fox NFL Sunday Super Bowl of Questions

In order to get to know the Fox Football team a bit better– and to see how well they know each other– Kelly hosted a game called The Super Bowl of Questions. Take a look at how the guys answered!

  • Who takes the longest to get ready in hair and makeup?
  • Terry Bradshaw.
  • Who’s the most romantic?
  • Michael and Curt both raised their hands! Although Howie has been married 31 years.
  • Who has the worst temper?
  • Jay Glazer
  • Who is the sexiest?
  • Once again, Jay Glazer raised his hand!
  • Who has the biggest ego?
  • This time, all the guys pointed to Jay!
  • Who makes the most money?
  • Definitely Terry Bradshaw.
  • Who is most likely to take one for the team?
  • Jimmy Johnson.

See all the guys of Fox NFL Sunday in action live from Times Square this Sunday, September 8.


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