LL Cool J “NCIS: Los Angeles” Season Finale Review on Live With Kelly


LL Cool J: New York is Home

Kelly Ripa and Sam Champion welcomed rapper turned actor LL Cool J to the show. Sam told LL that they had met about twenty years ago, but he did not expect him to remember (I don’t think he did!). LL discussed his New York roots, telling the audience that he had been born on Long Island and raised in Queens. Although he lives in Los Angeles as well, he still has a residence in New York, because he loves the city and always enjoys coming back. As he said, “home is home.”

LL Cool J NCIS LA Season Finale

LL Cool J "NCIS: LA" Season Finale May 15, 2012 (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


LL Cool J: Rapper vs Actor

Since LL Cool J began his career in music, as a rapper in the 1980s, Sam pointed out that some people know him solely as a musician, while some younger people may know him solely as an actor. When Sam asked, “are you an actor or a music star?” LL replied, “I’m an artist.” He says that he does not prefer one over the other, and cited celebrities like Bette Midler who have been successful doing a variety of creative things. Kelly Ripa pointed out that, while many musicians have become successful actors, not too many actors have crossed over to become successful musicians. LL is lucky that he has been able to do both very well.

They also discussed LL Cool J’s physical fitness, as he has been well known for his physique during his entire career. He said that, of course, he works out often!

LL Cool J: “NCIS: Los Angeles” Season Finale

LL Cool J currently stars on the successful CBS drama, “NCIS: Los Angeles.” He plays ex-Navy SEAL and Special Agent Sam Hanna, and the show also stars Chris O’Donnell. LL discussed the upcoming season finale, which premieres tonight. The finale is 2 hours, and LL Cool J promised that there are a lot of “crazy surprises” in store for the audience. Kelly pointed out how physical the demands of the show are, and while LL agreed, he also said that it is equally as intellectually demanding. Sam, Kelly and LL all watched a preview clip of the show, which airs tonight at 9 PM.




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