Live!: Zachary Quinto Training for Role as Spock in Star Trek Sequel


Zachary Quinto: Still Up From Met Gala 2013

Michael Strahan had the pleasure of meeting Zachary Quinto the other night when he went to the Met Gala. He said the two talked for a bit on the stairs and came up with a plan to stay up all night at the gala and then go to the show in the morning. While Michael said he had to turn in early, Quinto hinted that he may have been up all night partying before he made it to Live!

Live!: Zachary Quinto Training for Role as Spock in Star Trek Sequel

Zachary Quinto stopped by Live! to talk about playing the role of Spock in Star Trek Into Darkness and revealed we may see a new side of Spock in the movie.
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Do you think he was kidding? He seemed a bit out of it on the show. And did you see him high five the woman in the front row so hard her hand almost flew around her body and slapped her?

Zachary Quinto Star Trek Review

Quinto said he had a blast working on Star Trek Into Darkness. He said the movie is like nothing else in the world. To still have die hard fans 50 years after the first episode of Star Trek aired is “epic,” Quinto said.

Kelly gave Quinto the highest compliment saying he is the only person, besides Leonard Nimoy, who could play Spock. She even wished he had worn his Spock ears on the show. Quinto said he might have done it but it takes about three hours, including hair and makeup, for him to get the ears on and look like Spock.


He probably should have worn them to the Met Gala. Nothing is more punk than looking like Spock.

Anyways, Quinto said he was glad to be back in the states to promote the movie because he gets to see everyone in the movie again. He said they have the best time when they are together, even if they aren’t shooting and are simply traveling around to promote the movie.

Zachary Quinto: Training For Spock

The new Star Trek movie might throw die hard Trekkies for a loop when they see the usually still Spock get into a few fights in the movie. Quinto said he had to train quite a bit for the role because Spock gets to be quite physical in the new movie, adding that it as nice to let Spock break out of his shell and “kick some butt.”

Quinto said he had to go through extensive training for the role to play Spock. He was working out tirelessly for the role and said he spent a lot of time jogging since Spock is apparently running during a majority of the movie.

You can see more of Zachary Quinto as Spock when Star Trek Into Darkness opens in theaters May 16 2013.


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