Live: Zac Efron Breaks Hand In Fight With Dave Franco & “At Any Price”


Live: Zac Efron’s Broken Hand

Everyone got their phones out to capture the hottness of Zac Efron. The ladies went wild. The men in the audience were peeved to put it nicely.

Zac said he just had surgery to fix his broken hand. He was in a stage fight with Dave Franco and couldn’t wear a cast for filming. They put a titanium plate in his hand and it’s virtually back to normal. It just looks like he got in a knife fight, Kelly said. That may have just increased his hotness.


Live: Zac Efron Workout Routine

Live: Zac Efron Breaks Hand In Fight With Dave Franco & "At Any Price"

Zac Efron said he was put in a racecar on his first day of filming. He was intimidated to say the least. (Featureflash /

Seth Rogen and Zac recently filmed a movie together. Rogen took off his shirt and started joking around with shirtless Zefron. Rogen told the media that Zac has the best body he’s ever seen.

How does he keep so svelte? He told Kelly and Carrie that he just has a high metabolism. And all of the women in the audience rolled their eyes while Kelly reached for a tissue.


Live: Zac Efron Good Rapper?

The ladies heard that Zefron loves to rap. He got very modest and refused to do some freestyle. Carrie Ann said she would dance scandalously while Zac freestyled. That’s not very family appropriate, but I guess they would have something for men and women.

Kelly & Michael: At Any Price Film Review

Kelly was impressed that Zac still goes into the crowd and signs autographs for fans. In his new film, Zac plays a racecar driver. His first day out he was thrown into the car and let loose. He said he was unprepared for how loud the car was. His tactic was to floor it and hope for the best.

There was no seat belt in his car and his director sat next to him while he drove like a mad man around the track.

The film deals with a farm family that is trying to figure out life with an unpredictable economy. Zac plays a rebellious teen that fights with his father, played by Dennis Quaid. At Any Price opens in May.


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