Live With Kelly: Zac Efron ‘The Lucky One’ Review & Navy SEAL Training


Live With Kelly: Zac Efron

From the recent movie The Lucky One, Zac Efron visited Kelly Ripa, and took some time to reminisce with former co-star Seth Meyers. The audience went wild for guest Zac Efron. One fan even waved around Zac’s Men’s Health magazine cover. Kelly and Zac discussed how young girls tend to cry when they are extremely happy.

Seth Meyers: Zac Efron SNL & New Year’s Eve

Zac and guest co-host Seth Meyers have worked together on at least two previous occasions. Once, Zac hosted Saturday Night Live. They also both appeared in the movie New Year’s Eve, though they did not have any scenes together.


Zac Efron The Lucky One: Live With Kelly

Zac Efron talked about his grown-up role in The Lucky One and working with Seth Meyers. (Featureflash /

They fondly recalled an SNL sketch parodying the High School Musical films. Zac’s character returned to the high school to warn everyone that college is not full of spontaneous singers and musical numbers.

Zac Efron: Men’s Fitness & Navy SEAL Training

Kelly said she could feel Zac’s muscles when she hugged him as he came on the set. She also showed off his Men’s Health cover and asked about how he stays in shape.


Zac said he trained for his latest movie, The Lucky One, in which he played a Marine. He spent time with Marines at Camp Pendleton and did personal training with a Navy SEAL. He said he also had to eat Zen Foods pre-packaged meals with up to 6,000 daily calories.

“That’s like a year’s worth of food for me,” Kelly quipped, which probably explains why she’s always so tiny.

Zac said he did start to feel different from all the training and eating, admitting that he did have a few on-camera burps and bloopers. Kelly talked about seeing The Lucky One trailer with her mother-in-law, who thinks Zac looks “all grown up.”

Kelly said the audience outside was excited when a car pulled up outside the studio. They thought it was Zac Efron arriving, but the crowd was disappointed that instead it was Kelly.

Zac Efron: The Lucky One Review

Zac recalled his character in The Lucky One, Logan, finding a photo of a woman whom he believes is his lucky charm and saved his life. His character embarks on a mission to find the woman in the photo.

He said he had a great time filming love scenes with co-star Taylor Schilling. In a clip from the film, Zac’s character discusses his childhood and his brief college education in philosophy. He quoted his favorite philosopher, Dr. Seuss.


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