Live With Kelly: William Levy & Cheryl Burke Performance and Interview


William Levy on Live With Kelly

Like Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas, Cuban actor William Levy and his partner, pro dancer Cheryl Burke, participated in this season’s Dancing with the Stars finale. They were eliminated first, becoming second runners-up. They took the stage to dance a sexy cha-cha to Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.”

Live with Kelly: William Levy & Cheryl Burke

William Levy & Cheryl Burke were partners & runners up this season on Dancing With The Stars. (s_bukley /


William Levy & Cheryl Burke: Dancing with the Stars Finalists

When Kelly and Seth joined Cheryl and William after their dance, she held up a picture of a shirtless Levy from People Magazine and said that she had been distracted. William claimed that the picture was taken when he was back in shape– as if he isn’t in shape now?

Cheryl said that getting him to take his shirt off (something for which he became known on the show) was a constant battle.

Kelly yelled, “remove your clothes!” and then added, “I only ask because Seth begged me.” Seth did admit that he was curious as to how much William was Photoshopped.


However, William was wearing a sweater, so kept his clothes on, claiming that he needs some coffee in order to strip. Kelly said, “if the coffee gets the shirt off, we can get you coffee! And if the pants follow, I’ll get you a donut!”

Cheryl Burke Googled William Levy: Dancing With The Stars

Cheryl said that she had to Google William when she found out he was going to be her partner, and that she first saw many attractive pictures. But when she met him, she found out that he was very talented and a great dancer– a lot more than just a pretty face.

Kelly asked if his acting experience helped to convey the stories of the dances he had to perform on the show. He said it helped a lot, allowing him to live through the stories. Kelly also brought up the fact that his son cried after his dad lost. William said that he cried for a whole hour. Kelly suggested that maybe he just wanted to have the Mirror Ball trophy in his possession.


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