Live With Kelly: Visit to Pearl Harbor and Hula Lessons


Live With Kelly: Kelly Ripa Visits Pearl Harbor

When President Roosevelt called December 7, 1941 the “date which will live in infamy,” he was of course referring to the attack on Pearl Harbor which launched America into World War II. Kelly Ripa had a chance to visit the historic site during her time in Hawaii, which we looked back on on “Live With Kelly” August 7.

Live With Kelly: Pearl Harbor

Kelly Ripa visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor on "Live With Kelly."


First, Kelly visited the final resting place of the USS Arizona, the final resting place for the thousands of crew members who lost their lives that day. Then, Kelly was joined by Jocelyn Conoly, a tour guide who discussed the history of the Battleship Missouri. The Missouri is five feet longer than the Titanic, and weighs about 60,000 tons.

Next, Jocelyn took Kelly to the deck where the Japanese finally surrendered. It took a 23-minute ceremony to end a war that had lasted six years. Amazingly, Captain Callahan of the Missouri gave a proper send-off to a Japanese pilot who had been killed. Jocelyn told the incredible story of the U.S. soldiers staying up all night to sew together a make-shift Japanese flag for the young pilot to be wrapped in as he was sent to his grave. Kelly said that the story was a true testament to the integrity of the U.S. soldiers.

Kelly also got to see a room full of cots, where the movie Pearl Harbor was filmed. The cots are tied together with rope in order to stay up, and Jocelyn said that the familiar phrase “sleep tight” comes from military sleeping quarters. Lastly, Kelly found herself at a statue of a kissing couple, but without a handsome man to kiss her– until Mark Consuelos showed up, of course!


Live With Kelly: Hula Lessons with Miss Hawaii

The beautiful Miss Hawaii returned to give Kelly and Matthew a quick lesson in hula dancing. She said that to be a good hula dancer, you just need bare feet (to be close to the earth), a solid core, and a smile!

The first (and easiest) move that Kelly and Matthew learned was just the basic hula move. Put your hands on your hips, and then take two steps to the right, and two steps to the left, all while swaying your hips. You can even tell a story through hula with your hands; by gesturing out you are reflecting the giving nature of the Aloha Spirit, and by ending your dance in a pyramid pose, you are reflecting the idea of home. Kelly and Matthew had all of the moves down pat!


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