Live With Kelly: Vanessa Williams “666 Park Avenue” Interview


Vanessa Williams: New Show “666 Park Avenue”

Vanessa Williams has had an incredible career that spans film, television, theater, and of course, music– Nick Lachey said that Vanessa’s hit “Save the Best for Last” was his love theme song in high school! On “Live With Kelly” August 3, Vanessa joined the hosts to discuss some of her exciting projects, past and present.

Vanessa Williams: Live With Kelly

Actress Vanessa Williams discussed some upcoming projects on "Live with Kelly." (Helga Esteb /


Vanessa just starred in the final season of “Desperate Housewives,” and she already has a new show on ABC, the upcoming supernatural drama “666 Park Avenue.”

“666 Park Avenue” stars Vanessa and Terry O’Quinn as the mysterious owners of a spooky Upper East Side apartment building. The show is currently filming in Brooklyn, and will air in the fall. Vanessa said that she was immediately sold by the show’s thrilling script; it’s very seductive and very thrilling, which is very different from the comedy roles she usually takes on.

Vanessa Williams: Egypt and World Travels

Vanessa and her family are quite the world travelers: she and her youngest daughter just recently returned from a trip to Egypt. Her daughter has just finished the sixth grade, and loved seeing all of the historical artifacts that she had just learned about in school. The trip was Vanessa’s fourth time in Egypt.


Vanessa and her family love to travel. They’ve gone on safaris in Africa and trips to exotic destinations like Greece and Brazil. Her children loved Brazil, and when they were there for New Years’, the whole family jumped in the ocean as per tradition. Kelly said that there must be kids all over America right now writing in to ask Vanessa to adopt them– she takes her kids on the coolest trips!

Vanessa Williams: Revitalist Skincare Line

Vanessa has had four children, has been working in Hollywood for almost three decades, and looks fantastic! Kelly said that whatever Vanessa’s been doing, she wants in on! Well, everyone can get in on a part of Vanessa’s beauty routine, because she has a new skincare line called Revitalist. The line is premiering tonight on QVC on the Lisa Robertson show, and don’t miss Vanessa on “666 Park Avenue,” beginning in September!


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