Live With Kelly: Top Teacher Week Wendy Martin Science Teacher


Live With Kelly: Wendy Martin on Top Teacher Week

As we found out yesterday, this week is Top Teacher Week on Live With Kelly. The audience and viewers will meet five amazing teacher finalists, and then vote for one Top Teacher at the end of the week who will win a new car and 25,000 dollars for his or her school. Yesterday we met Danielle Greco of Bethpage, NY, and today we met Wendy Martin of Davenport, Iowa.

Live With Kelly Top Teacher Wendy Martin

Live With Kelly Top Teacher Week, Science Teacher Wendy Martin of Davenport, Iowa from Assumption High School.


Wendy Martin: Assumption High School

Ms. Martin is a popular Life Science teacher at Assumption High School in Davenport. Viewers got to hear interviews from her students and co-workers, all who spoke about her passion and dedication to her students and her subject matter. Some of her students discussed her fun and creative assignments, including “DNA Day,” which she treats like a holiday. Another event that Ms. Martin sponsors is a blood drive, which is inspired by a near-fatal accident suffered by her toddler son. When he was just two years old, her youngest son was injured in a lawnmower accident, and his life was saved with blood transfusions. Her colleagues applauded her poise throughout the tragic ordeal, and Ms. Martin herself encouraged viewers to read about not just her story, but the stories of all the inspiring teachers.

Live With Kelly: Vote for Top Teacher Week

After a quick break, Wendy Martin joined Kelly and Sam, who presented her with the golden apple trophy. Ms. Martin talked about her passion for science, the human body, and genetics, and how excited she gets at the thought of a young person being inspired by her teachings. Her classroom was awarded with a set of Epson projectors, and she herself was awarded with a trip to Alaska, a place she has always wanted to go.

Viewers can read all about each inspiring teacher on the Live With Kelly site, and then vote for a deserving winner.





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