Live With Kelly: Top Teacher Week Monica Dunn Northeast High School


Live With Kelly: Monica Dunn on Top Teacher Week

Our next top teacher finalist hails from the rural town of Pride, Louisiana. Her name is Monica Dunn, and she is a computer tech teacher at Northeast High School. She is also the sponsor of a group called “The Dancing Divas.” Additionally, each year she sponsors a national trip for the school’s seniors, which is a chance for them to explore a new area of the country that they have not visited before.

Monica Dunn: Northeast High School

Miss Dunn’s warmth and kindness was emphasized by the school’s students and staff, and many of them got very emotional when talking about how she has positively affected their lives. Many students called her their favorite teacher, and someone who has had a great influence over their lives. One particularly touching story was from one of Miss Dunn’s former students, a girl who had been suspended many times and even expelled before she met Miss Dunn. She credits Miss Dunn for helping her turn her life around, even feeding her and letting her stay at her home when she had nowhere else to go. The girl is now attending college at Louisiana State University, and much of it is thanks to the kindness of Miss Dunn.


Live With Kelly Top Teacher Week Finalist Monica Dunn

Live With Kelly's Top Teacher Week featured Monica Dunn, a computer tech teacher, as a finalist!

Miss Dunn said that the keys to her effectiveness are honesty and positivity. She is going to tell her students constructive criticism, even if they don’t always want to hear it. But she is also filled with constant smiles and a good sense of humor. She says that if she is having a good day, then everyone is going to have a good day. At the end of the video segment, many students got teary-eyed while thanking Miss Dunn. She also said that, even if she had a choice to be anywhere else, she would stay at Northeast High School because of the special students that go there.

Live With Kelly: Vote for Top Teacher Week

Chris and Kelly presented Miss Dunn with the golden apple teacher trophy. They discussed the senior trip that she sponsors, which she raises money for every year because she wants to expose her students to new places and give them new opportunities. Her school was awarded thirty-five new Intel computers, and Miss Dunn herself received a 10,000 dollar shopping spree from Beyond the Rack.


Don’t forget that Miss Dunn and the other finalists are still in the running to become the Live With Kelly Top Teacher winner. Viewers can read all about each inspiring teacher on the Live With Kelly site, and then vote for their top pick.


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