Live With Kelly: Top Teacher Week Kristin Golia of Fairfield, CT


Live With Kelly: Kristin Golia on Top Teacher Week

Today is the final day of Live With Kelly’s Top Teacher Week, and we concluded the competition by learning the extraordinary story of Kristin Golia, a third grade teacher from Fairfield, Connecticut. Live With Kelly viewers will now choose between the five incredible teachers who are making a difference in their schools and communities. Only one of them will become the Top Teacher, winning 25,000 dollars for his or her school and a brand new car. You should also checkout the other top teacher finalists that we met this week: Monica DunnWendy MartinDanielle Greco and Brian Sawyer. Who is your pick for Top Teacher?  Leave a comment below to voice your opinion!

Kristin Golia: Teddy 3rd Grader Cancer Patient

The story of Kristin Golia revolves around one of her former students, a boy named Teddy. Teddy was in Ms. Golia’s third grade class, and she described him as artistic, eager to learn, and a joy to have in the classroom. One day, Teddy came into class looking very pale, so Ms. Golia sent him to the nurse. He ended up having to go to the hospital, where a large growth was found in his chest. Unfortunately, it was a type of cancer called Undifferentiated Sarcoma, which is very rare and very aggressive.


Live With Kelly Top Teacher Kristin Golia

Kelly Ripa's Top Teacher today was Kristin Golia of Fairfield, CT.

Teddy had to stay in the hospital and go through several rounds of both chemotherapy and radiation, as well as operations, which obviously meant that he had to miss a lot of school. After teaching a full day at work, Ms. Golia would drive over to either Teddy’s home or the hospital and tutor him on what he was missing in class. Sometimes he would be up for the lessons, but when he wasn’t, Ms. Golia would just read to him or spend some quality time with him.

Teddy’s mom said that Ms. Golia visiting her son was the highlight of his day. Teddy was in a lot of pain, but one day to cheer him up, Ms. Golia brought him a snake to play with, since he said that he had never held one before.


Sadly, Teddy died ten days later. One of the first people that his family called was Ms. Golia, who says that she was shocked and hurt because she had remained so optimistic about his condition. Teddy’s mom said that hers isn’t the only family touched by Ms. Golia’s kindness; several other families have said that Ms. Golia has gone above and beyond for their children.

Ms. Golia concluded Teddy’s story by reading from a note that he had written in her class, before he even got sick. He wrote that he would like to be a scientist when he grows up, because he wished to both “cure cancer and also mosquito bites.”

Live With Kelly: Vote for Top Teacher Week

When Kristin Golia came out to receive her golden apple trophy, Kelly was extremely moved and teary-eyed. Kelly asked what motivated Kristin to go above and beyond for Teddy. She responded that seeing Teddy was the highlight of her day, and that she was inspired to be a teacher by her mother, an educator for nineteen years. In addition to technology packages for her school, Kristin Golia received a trip to Fiji for her to share with her husband. Kelly pointed out that it is the same resort where “The Bachelor” was filmed.

After learning the heartbreaking yet inspiring story of Kristin and Teddy, vote for your favorite teacher at the Live With Kelly site.




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