Live With Kelly: Tom Selleck “Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt” Interview


Tom Selleck: Jujyfruits

Kelly and Reggie welcomed veteran TV actor Tom Selleck as their first guest, who had a big confession. He said that, since he’s been so busy and tired promoting his new television movie, he’s been feeling sorry for himself. He opened the hotel mini-bar, but it didn’t have what he wanted, so he went to the store and bought some chips and a package of Jujyfruits candies, which are his favorite. He said that he misses eating them at the movie theater, because most don’t offer them anymore. Skittles are just not the same. His favorite flavor is licorice, which most people hate, and end up throwing away. He always tells his friends to save their licorice for him. Kelly agreed and the conversation moved to Dots, the candy gumdrops. She said that you have to eat the green ones first, because they overpower the rest of the flavors.

Tom Selleck & Reggie Bush: USC Alums

Reggie Bush didn’ know anything about candies, but he and Tom bonded over the fact that they are both graduates of the University of Southern California. Reggie pointed out that Tom attended USC on a basketball scholarship, and Tom said that he and the coach had differences of opinion: Tom thought he should play, the coach thought he should “ride the pine,” as he put it. Tom said that he also played volleyball.


Tom Selleck's Favorite Candy is Jujyfruits

Tom Selleck promoted his CBS TV movie "Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt" on Live With Kelly. (Image Credit: s_bukley /

Tom congratulated Reggie on having beaten UCLA several times while he was at USC, something that never happened when Tom was there. Reggie had a little bit of a bragging moment, admitting that he never lost to UCLA. Kelly joked that if he had, he wouldn’t have been her co-host.

Tom Selleck: Reggie the Dog

Tom Selleck’s golden retriever dog, also named Reggie, will co-star with him in his upcoming CBS TV film, “Jessie Stone: Benefit of the Doubt.” It is the eighth in a series of popular “Jesse Stone” movies, all of which have starred Selleck. Tom said that he loves working with Reggie, and revealed that Reggie had been nominated for a “Golden Collar” acting award, but lost out to Uggie, the Jack Russell Terrier from The Artist. According to Tom, Reggie is a far superior actor than Uggie, because Reggie has a lot more subtlety. Reggie the person pointed out how weird it was that he kept saying Reggie, meaning the dog. Tom said that Reggie’s real name is Joe, but everyone calls him by his stage name.


Kelly said that Tom and Reggie have real chemistry when they act together, and Tom agreed. He said that golden retrievers are usually very extroverted and love affection, but Reggie the dog is a true “thinker.” He noted that Reggie’s personality was very “deep.”

“Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt” Airs Sunday on CBS

Kelly, Tom and Reggie– the person, not the dog– watched a clip from the movie, “Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt,” which airs on CBS this Sunday at 9 PM. In the clip, Jesse Stone is trying to ask out a woman half his age, and while she says no, there is a lot of flirting going on. When the clip finished, Tom said that he loved doing those types of scenes. Jesse Stone the character is very good at flirting, but not so good at committing.

Reggie asked if Reggie the dog was also a good flirt. Tom said that he does not have a “main squeeze” in the film, because he acts as both Jesse Stone’s roommate and his conscience.




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