Live With Kelly: Tim Gunn Barbie Fashions & ‘Project Runway’ Season 10


Live With Kelly: Tim Gunn

For a whole decade, Tim Gunn has been making it work as a fashion expert on the reality competition Project Runway. He hung out with Kelly Ripa and Nick Lachey to discuss the landmark 10th season of the Lifetime series.

Tim complemented Kelly on the “spectacular” new set, and you know with his keen eye that if he gives a compliment, he probably truly means it. Kelly said he must get approached by strangers all the time for fashion advice.


“They either ask me for advice or they run in the opposite direction. I have a very polarizing effect on people,” he said.

Tim Gunn: Nick Lachey Gingham Shirt

Tim Gunn Barbie Fashions: Live With Kelly

Tim Gunn talked with Kelly & Nick Lachey about Tim Gunn Barbie Fashions, Project Runway season 10 & First Lady Michelle Obama's fashion.

Nick admitted to being anxious about looking his best for Tim Gunn, who had to explain to him what Gingham was. “I never knew that until today,” Nick said.


Tim Gunn: Michelle Obama Vs Jackie O

Tim said he didn’t grow up fashionable, because he hailed from Washington, D.C. But he praised First Lady Michelle Obama for bringing fashion to the White House.

Kelly and Tim agreed that Mrs. Obama does a great job of showcasing affordable fashions that are available to the general public.

But Tim takes umbrage at the comparison between Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy. “Jackie Kennedy was a rare hothouse flower under a bell jar. Mrs. Obama is every woman, and that’s the fabulous thing about her,” he said.

Kelly said she appreciates that the First Daughters are also dressed appropriately for their ages.

Nick Lachey: Tim Gunn Fashion & Posture

Nick said he has bad posture, but he asked Tim Gunn about the idea that posture can change the way your fashions are perceived. Can your stance improve their glance?

Tim said he ran into a fellow subway rider who asked for advice about better fitting suits. Instead, Tim evaluated his posture and identified that as the issue.

“It’s a way of discovering a whole new wardrobe,” he said. “When we navigate the world with good posture, our clothes fit us better. We look better.”

Computers may be partly to blame for our constant hunching. Kelly and Tim both had to reassure Nick that he was pulling off his look.

Kelly Ripa: Tim Gunn Style Evolution

Kelly Ripa wanted to know: How has Tim Gunn’s own wardrobe evolved through the years?

Tim Gunn said that over the last couple years he has gotten more comfortable mixing patterns. He believes that silhouette, proportion and fit are the keys to making any outfit work.

Live With Kelly: Tim Gunn Barbie Doll Review

Tim recently had the opportunity to make a dream come true. He designed fashions for Mattel Barbie dolls, featuring “my 10 essential items that I believe should be in every woman’s wardrobe.”

Kelly said she was always restyling her Barbies as a child.

Tim Gunn: Project Runway Emmy Nomination

In a clip from season 10 of Project Runway, Tim Gunn gave instructions for an upcoming challenge. The show is nominated for an Emmy Award.

Tim Gunn: Project Runway Season 10 Review

Kelly said that this crop of designers is amazing, but she feels they are monsters. Tim admitted this cast has been difficult. Kelly asked about two contestants who walked out on the show in the middle of the night.

Tim said this was an amazing opportunity that many other people would’ve been excited to take, and he couldn’t believe they threw their chances away. He admitted he still doesn’t know what became of the two walkouts.

Live With Kelly: Tim Gunn Composure

Nick Lachey asked how Tim Gunn keeps his cool. Tim said that he learned resilience during his 20 years of teaching, and his life philosophy is about taking the high road, until you get a nosebleed.

The show recently held a premiere party in Times Square in New York City. Tim said he’s not sure how they will ever top that again.

The 10th season of Project Runway airs Thursdays on Lifetime.


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