Live With Kelly: Teresa Caputo on Psychic Week


Live With Kelly: Psychic Week with Teresa Caputo

Psychic Week began yesterday with psychic Sylvia Browne, and it continued today with Teresa Caputo. Teresa is a spiritual medium who is the star of her own TLC reality series, “Long Island Medium.” When Teresa joined Kelly and Michael, Kelly said that “everyone backstage is crying,” because they were so affected by Teresa’s readings. Teresa Caputo said that spirits have been coming to her since she was four years old. At the time, she just thought it was normal.

Teresa Caputo Long Island Medium

Long Island Medium Teresa Caputo connected with audience members' deceased loved ones during Psychic Week.


Kelly and Michael both wondered exactly how the spirits visit Teresa. She tried to explain that she feels them rather than sees them, as we see things in the physical world. This led Teresa to jump right into some audience readings.

Live With Kelly: Teresa Caputo Long Island Medium

Teresa first began by announcing to the entire audience that someone had lost a son or knew someone that had. A woman right in the front row of the audience raised her hand. Teresa said that the son wanted everyone to know that he is at peace, and that he was coming to her carrying doves to symbolize this.

Right beside this woman was another woman who had lost her mother, and Teresa knew that she had died because of breathing troubles, because she herself started having trouble breathing. The woman’s deceased mother wanted to thank her for allowing her to move on. Teresa explained that this is how spirits use her to connect to the other side.


Long Island Medium Readings

Lastly, Teresa told a woman who had recently lost her brother that he was at peace, and that he is proud of his family for coping with his death. Teresa said that this woman’s brother had kept her up since 2 AM this morning!

To see more of Teresa’s incredible readings, be sure to tune in for the third season of “Long Island Medium” when it premieres on TLC this fall.



  1. joyce stoll says

    Dear teresa, i have been upset with my mothers passing, is she allright and with my dad? And could you give me a meggage for my sister from her son?

  2. Vicki Pogue says

    March 14, 2011 I lost my best friend to suicide..I still am devastated and miss him everyday. Is he in a better place and finally at peace? Is he ever with me or am I just wanting it so much it is just my imagination? Any information would be so appreciated…still having trouble moving on..Thank you.

  3. Linda Huffman says

    Am wondering if there are any spirits connected to me? Have had alot of strange things going on with no explanations!!!! If you could answer I would ghreatly appreciate it!!!!! Thank you, Linda Huffman

  4. Kelly Takaki says

    Hi Teresa, I lost my son Joe in a tragedy. What can you tell me about him? Sometimes I feel like he really visits me in my dreams. How can I know if it is really him or just my imagination? I think your show is fantastic!! Thankyou for sharing your gift. love kelly

  5. Teri Kramer-Millerick says

    I love how you do what you do..You Rock! I have been on your waiting list since day 1 & I SO look foward to meeting you! God Bless you xo

  6. Kathleen Allen says

    I’m interested in making an appointment with the Long Island Medium for a private reading. Please give me her contact information (email address, telephone number). Thank you!

  7. pauli cymet says

    Why is my lesson learning detachment? I prefer to learn ATTACHMENT. Everything-my family, friends, business, house, money, pet loves, have been removed from me, STARTING in l994. Why?

  8. Patricia McBride says

    Teresa, I watch your show rligiously and so wish I could speak to you. My son will be going to court next month and I pray the charges will be dropped. He has suffered depression for years and would not survive jail or prison. I am so worried and hope my prayers are not in vain. Do you have any good news for me?

  9. Sharon Eriksen says

    Hi Teresa
    I had a difficult time when my parents and brother were alive, do they realize this,they made my life very painful. I want to know why?
    Thank you,
    you truly have a gift

  10. Nancy Leblanc says

    Hi Teresa,
    Just love watching your show! May God bless you and your family! You are such a caring person. May you feel the Love that comes your way.
    Sending all the best

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