Live With Kelly: Sylvia Browne on Psychic Week


Live With Kelly: Psychic Week with Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne is a self-proclaimed psychic and spiritual medium, and she kicked off Psychic Week today on “Live With Kelly.” Sylvia is an author who has published many books on subjects of the supernatural, including The Other Side and Back and All Pets Go to Heaven.

Sylvia Browne: Live With Kelly Psychic Week

"Live With Kelly" Psychic Week kicked off with Sylvia Browne.


Kelly and Tyler sat down with Sylvia, who revealed that she recently had a hip replacement. The hosts were glad to hear that she was feeling better.

Before they began with audience questions, Kelly had to ask, “who will my co-host be?” Sylvia immediately replied that Kelly has not met him yet. I guess we’ll see if that’s true come the fall!

Sylvia Browne Answers Audience Questions

Some “Live” audience members came down one-by-one to see if Sylvia had some answers to their questions.


One man asked if a promotion was coming his way, and Sylvia told him that he will move to a new marketing position in September. Kelly joked, “that’s weird because he’s actually a stripper!”

One man asked if his pregnant wife was having a boy or a girl, and Sylvia told him it was without a doubt a baby boy. A woman asked if her offer on a house would be accepted later today, and Sylvia told her she would get the house.

Another woman asked a more supernatural question: she said that her brother died around the same time that her son was born, so she wondered if her brother visits them at all. Sylvia told the woman that her brother sends birds to watch over them. She also said that is a very common phenomenon for the dead to communicate with animals.

Tune in tomorrow to see more psychic questions answered on Psychic Week!



    • Steve Kipker says

      Look, Sylvia Browne has never asked you to follow her, so I wonder why you follow her? Just to bash her, or somehow discredit her gift. I know she makes my 85 year old Mother feel good about herself and whats on the other side. And without having a tip plate being passed around. My apologies to Sylvia Browne and her family, I am sorry but I had to speak up here. I am sure I did not do you Justice, but I did it for my Mother as well. My Heart and prayers to Sylvia Browne and Chris, and her follows. Sincerely Steve Kipker

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