Live With Kelly: Swamp Brothers & Seth Meyers


Swamp Brothers: Endangered Florida Panther

Seth Meyers and Kelly Ripa welcomed Robbie and Stephen Keszey from the Discovery Channel TV series Swamp Brothers. They brought along a variety of animals, and the first was a baby Florida panther named Justice. These panthers are extremely endangered, according to Stephen Keszey. Kelly Ripa hand-fed the panther some raw chicken.

Kelly Ripa Swamp Brothers


Robbie Keszey explained that baby panthers are spotted for camouflage. But as they grow into adulthood, panthers will be a solid gold or tan color. Baby panthers may stay with their mothers for as long as two years. The baby panther, Justice, licked Kelly Ripa’s hand, and she said that it has a rough tongue.

Kelly Ripa Swamp Brothers: Possum

Kelly Ripa had a question about the next animal guest: “Is it possum or opossum?” Robbie Keszey explained that the correct term is opossum, but Stephen Keszey said that either is acceptable. Opossums are marsupials, and they are very soft.

Swamp Brothers: Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers said he hoped the next two animal guests weren’t nemeses. Robbie Keszey assuaged Kelly Ripa’s fear (and debunked some sci-fi movie plots) by saying that alligators and pythons could never mate. Stephen Keszey moved to Florida because his mother was ill, and he ended up helping his brother with these native swamp animals.


Everyone agreed that you should not touch an alligator if you see one in the wild, but Kelly Ripa got to pet the one that was visiting the studio. Earlier this week, Kelly Ripa mentioned her fear of snakes. Robbie Keszey introduced a Burmese python that had wrapped itself around his leg. He explained that it was just anchoring itself on his ankle.

Seth Meyers Borgata New Year’s Eve

Kelly Ripa announced that Seth Meyers will be performing two shows on New Year’s Eve at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She thanked him for joining her as co-host.


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