Live With Kelly: Sofia Vergara “The Three Stooges” Interview


Live With Kelly: Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is a Colombian actress who has recently gained fame on Modern Family for her Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated role as spitfire trophy wife Gloria Pritchett. With her killer curves, Sofia is also considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She stopped by to chat with Kelly and Howie in April 2012 to discuss her latest role, in the comedy The Three Stooges, plus how she manages to be both funny and sexy!

Of course, as Sofia sat down with the hosts, Howie complimented her on her looks right off the bat. He also complimented Kelly as well, saying that there is nothing better than a woman who is both beautiful and funny– two things that both Sofia and Kelly are!


Sofia Vergara: Saturday Night Live Host

Live With Kelly: Sofia Vergara Three Stooges

Actress Sofia Vergara talked about her work in The Three Stooges, Modern Family, and as Saturday Night Live host. (Featureflash /

Sofia had just come off of her hosting gig at Saturday Night Live, an experience which she loved, although she called it “a crazy week.” Sofia has always had great comedic roles, so Kelly asked if humor was something that came naturally to her.

Sofia revealed that as a little girl, she was always the class clown, always the one getting in trouble. However, she never imagined that she would be able to make a living out of it.


Plus, she said that once she started speaking in English, she became even more funny thanks to her trademark accent.

Sofia said that she is thankful to be a comedic actor, because she couldn’t imagine having to work in a serious drama all of the time. She called it “exhausting.”

Sofia Vergara: 20-Year-Old Son

If you can even believe it, Sofia is mom to a 20-year-old son who attends college in Boston. He is studying to be a film producer. Kelly and Howie both wanted to know if she visits him on campus– imagine the kids looking out of their dorm windows and seeing Sofia Vergara walking by? Sofia said that most of the time, he visits her in LA, and that they see each other often. Howie joked that he would be pretty embarrassed if his friends were all lusting over his mother!

Sofia Vergara: Modern Family Vs Breaking Bad

Sofia, Kelly and Howie watched a clip from an episode of Modern Family that Bryan Cranston directed. Sofia said that it was very exciting to have him on set, because everyone is a big fan of his show, Breaking Bad. Bryan has great comedic timing because in addition to his dramatic roles, he was also on Malcolm in the Middle.

Sofia Vergara: The Three Stooges

In The Three Stooges, Sofia plays a villain who hires the Stooges to kill her husband. She said that she had a great time working on the film, which also stars Larry David and Jane Lynch. Sofia used to watch the original television series when she was a kid, but in Spanish, which was called “Los Tres Chiflados.”

Sofia brought a clip with her, which she joked was stashed inside of her cleavage. In the clip, Sofia’s character negotiates with the Stooges to knock off her husband. You can pre-order The Three Stooges right now!


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