Live With Kelly: Sissy Spacek “My Extraordinary Ordinary Life”


Live With Kelly: Sissy Spacek

Academy Award winner Sissy Spacek dropped by “Live With Kelly” today to discuss her career and her memoir, My Extraordinary Ordinary Life. Sissy is a legendary actress who, as Josh said, is “dripping in awards.”

Josh and Sissy have a special connection; the first time that Josh performed on “The Tonight Show,” Sissy was a guest and stopped by to give him a big hug afterwards. He said that it really meant a lot to him as a young up-and-comer. Sissy said, “well, you’re good!”


Sissy Spacek: My Extraordinary Ordinary Life Review

Sissy Spacek: Live With Kelly

Sissy Spacek discussed her memoir, "My Extraordinary Ordinary Life," on "Live With Kelly." (Sam Aronov /

Sissy had very humble beginnings, which she discusses in her memoir, My Extraordinary Ordinary Life. She was raised in a very small town in Texas. She had two older brothers, and was a big tomboy.

Kelly asked, how did she go from tomboy to movie star? Sissy explained that she always loved to perform in churches and at school functions, but she was never actually cast in a school play.


After Sissy won her Oscar, her school drama teacher stopped her mom in the grocery store and said, “You’re probably wondering why I never cast Sissy. It’s because she never learned her lines!” Luckily, Sissy got over that problem!

Since she was not a good actress as a child, Sissy said it was her music that allowed her to get out of her small town. Josh revealed that Sissy also did twirling. Sissy explained that all little southern girls learn how to twirl! Kelly actually twirled as a child, too, so she pulled out two batons and she and Sissy twirled into the commercial break.

Sissy Spacek: Coal Miner’s Daughter

Coal Miner’s Daughter is the 1980 biopic film in which Sissy starred as country singer Loretta Lynn. For her role, Sissy won the Academy Award for Best Actress. However, she was very reluctant to take the part initially. The real Loretta Lynn was the one who actually picked Sissy’s picture out of a stack of head shots without even knowing anything about her.

Loretta Lynn shocked Sissy by appearing on “The Tonight Show” and announcing that Sissy would play her– the only thing is, Sissy hadn’t taken the part! However, Sissy said that the minute she met with Loretta, she knew she wanted to take the role. She agreed to do the film is she could also do the music. She did all of her own singing, and was also nominated for a Grammy for the role.

Sissy Spacek: Carrie

Sissy is also well-known for playing the titular role in Carriethe 1976 film based on the Stephen King novel. Sissy said the audition process was hard, because there were so many young actresses vying for the role. The film’s director, Brian De Palma, did not even want Sissy to play Carrie, because she had done set design for him before, and he only thought of her as “a bad set designer.” Good thing she proved him wrong! Carrie is now a huge cult classic film.

Read about Sissy’s life and career in My Extraordinary Ordinary Life.


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