Live With Kelly: Shia LaBeouf Nude Music Video &


Live With Kelly: Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf seemed overwhelmed by the audience’s energy. He worked the crowd and marveled at the show’s set redesign. He finally took his seat next to the co-hosts to catch up on everything that’s new in his world. They discussed the film he directed for Cannes,, as well as the Shia LaBeouf nude music video that had the Internet buzzing. Later, he and the co-hosts discussed the true story of his new movie Lawless.

Shia LaBeouf Meets Selena Gomez

Shia LaBeouf Nude Music Video: Live With Kelly

Shia LaBeouf appeared on Live With Kelly to discuss his film, a criticism of critics & his nude music video for Sigur Ros. (Featureflash /


Kelly Ripa recalled Shia’s previous appearance on the show, which was intended as a surprise for fellow guest and Shia LaBeouf fan Selena Gomez. “They told her that a fan wanted her autograph,” Kelly said, introducing a backstage clip of Selena’s mortifying encounter. The singer was definitely embarrassed to meet her favorite fan face to face.

Since that encounter, Shia said he has texted with Justin Bieber, whom he described as “a cool cat.” After hearing this, Kelly started fishing for Shia’s phone number.

Kelly Ripa: Shia LaBeouf Comic Books

After years of loving comic books, Shia has now embarked on his own creative project. “I have a couple of little comic books I make,” he admitted.


Kelly said that he is an artist, and Shia said he enjoys the hobby. Sometimes his comics feature haikus, and other times they feature fleshed out storylines. He said one might take six months to complete, and he enjoys working on them between film projects.

Nick Lachey: Shia LaBeouf Nude Music Video for Sigur Ros

Since 98 Degrees is getting the band back together, Nick Lachey asked Shia about his work directing music videos. Shia said he is dark as a director.

As an actor, Shia appeared nude in a Sigur Ros music video. He said the nudity made sense in the moment and in the context of the story. He said he didn’t think it was fair for the female lover to be naked if the male lover wasn’t also nude.

Live With Kelly: Shia LaBeouf Even Stevens

Kelly Ripa recalled Shia LaBeouf’s childhood Emmy win for the children’s series Even Stevens. Kelly still worked on the soap opera All My Children, and she recalled Shia’s acceptance speech bringing the house down.

Shia LaBeouf & Robert Redford

Nick Lachey said that Shia has had a huge career working with a string of big names, including Robert Redford. Shia admitted that he is finally getting comfortable being around people like Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone.

“For an actor, the worst thing is fear,” he said. “If I learned anything from him, you’ve got to get the right people around you and then be very hands off about it.”

Kelly Ripa: Shia LaBeouf Cannes &

Shia LaBeouf appeared this year at the Cannes Film Festival for the movie Lawless. But that wasn’t the only project he had at Cannes.

He also directed a short film that was screened at the festival. He called it a “criticism of critics,” and the title is Kelly speculated that the movie should be bulletproof from negative reviews.

Shia said that he was inspired by the divided reaction to the Transformers movies, which were beloved by fans and reviled by the critical community.

“How could one group of people love it so much and one group of people hate it so much, and yet it’s the same movie?” he said.


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