Live With Kelly: Shia LaBeouf ‘Lawless’ Review, Weight Gain & Tom Hardy


Live With Kelly: Shia LaBeouf Lawless Review

Actor Shia LaBeouf is only 26, but he has been acting for more than half his life. From Disney shows and family movies to more action in Transformers and now diverse projects like, he has quite a resume in progress. He talked with Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Nick Lachey about his latest film, Lawless.

Shia LaBeouf’s latest movie, Lawless, is based on a true story about a family of bootleggers from West Virginia. Shia explained that they stood up to the government at the start of Prohibition.


Shia LaBeouf Lawless: Live With Kelly

Shia LaBeouf talked about the historical origins of his latest film, Lawless, gaining weight & courting co-star Tom Hardy for a key role. (cinemafestival /

The Bondurant Brothers inspired a book by one of the family’s descendents, The Wettest County in the World. That book inspired the new movie Lawless, which put Shia through a rigorous training regimen.

Kelly Ripa: Shia LaBeouf Weight Gain

Cast members included Tom Hardy and Jason Clarke. He had to gain about 40 pounds and bulk up to fit in with his supposed brothers on the set. After the filming, he had to lose all the weight, but he said it came off quickly.


“It’s horrible to put on weight,” he said. “You’re eating seven times a day.”

The co-hosts didn’t sympathize with Shia’s plight.

Nick Lachey: Shia LaBeouf & Tom Hardy

Shia LaBeouf said there was some trouble getting the movie cast, which delayed production. He wrote a personal fan letter to Tom Hardy, inviting him to join the cast of Lawless.

Nick Lachey said it’s nice that actors who admire one another can find ways to reach out and team up for projects like this.

Kelly Ripa: Shia LaBeouf Lawless Release Date

In a clip from Lawless, Jack’s truck runs out of gas on a country road, putting them in jeopardy. But in a bit of quick thinking, they use moonshine to fill the gas tank. I don’t think that tactic would be so successful in modern times.

“Anything you put in your body should not also run a car,” Nick said.

Shia said that NASCAR began as a way to smuggle alcohol, because could be hidden in the gas tanks of cars.

Lawless is in theaters August 29 2012.


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