Live With Kelly: Seth Rogen & The Green Lantern


Seth Rogen Topless Proposal

“You guys are a handsome couple. I should never go out to dinner with you guys.” Seth Rogen recently got engaged. Kelly Ripa asked about how he proposed. He had a plan, but once he got the ring, he was so stressed out and worried about losing it that he gave it to his fiancee within three hours.

“I proposed to her while she was getting changed in our closet,” he said. She was actually topless when he started the proposal, so he wasn’t sure he should proceed, but she said yes.


Seth Rogen: Wedding Planning & Registry

Seth Rogen Green Lantern

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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos reminisced about when they eloped. They celebrated their engagement with wine and pizza before eloping to Vegas the next morning. Seth Rogen said that he thinks his fiancee probably has had the wedding planned out since before she met him.

He said she is also excited about making a wedding registry, but he said he makes enough money to buy her whatever she wants. She is still going to make a registry, and he will just buy her everything on the list.


Kelly Ripa announced that Seth Rogen also became an uncle this year to her sister’s son, Joseph. His sister tried to convince her husband to give the baby the Rogen last name, in case Seth Rogen never has a child to carry on the family name.

Seth Rogen: Teenage Standup Comic

Seth Rogen started doing standup comedy at age 13 in Vancouver, Canada. His parents were supportive of channeling his teenage energy into something productive. He said he was performing in bars and doing material inappropriate for his age, but his mom was still very proud. Kelly Ripa showed a clip of Seth Rogen doing standup comedy in 1996. Seth Rogen was talking about his deaf grandparents arguing.

Seth Rogen: The Green Hornet & Comic Books

Seth Rogen said he was really into comic books growing up. “When comic book movies starting getting really popular, I felt like we really would maybe have something to add to the genre, as people who were huge fans of it.”

Kelly Ripa explained that Seth Rogen co-wrote the script for The Green Hornet with his writing partner, who also worked with him on Superbad and Pineapple Express. They have been writing together since they met in bar mitzvah class as teens.

Seth Rogen: Casting The Green Hornet & Jay Chao

Kelly Ripa asked about casting the movie The Green Hornet. They talked about the role of The Green Hornet’s sidekick, Kato, who is the one actually doing all the work. Seth Rogen said they looked for someone who you wouldn’t think should ever be subservient to him.

They chose Jay Chao, whom Seth Rogen says is the Taiwanese Justin Timberlake, though “he prefers ‘the Taiwanese Usher,’” he said. “He’s literally the most famous guy I’ve ever met in my entire life, and I had never heard of him until we started making a movie.” Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos showed a clip from The Green Hornet.


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