Live With Kelly: Seth MacFarlane “Ted” Interview


Seth MacFarlane: Childhood Drawing Career

Seth MacFarlane is known today as a talented actor, animator, writer, and director, but did you know that he started his entertainment career as a small child? Today on “Live With Kelly,” Seth revealed that he has been drawing and animating since he was two years old. Growing up in Kent, Connecticut, Seth worked for a local newspaper and animated his own weekly cartoon strip at age nine. He was paid five dollars a week for his work, which to such a young child, is quite a lot!

Seth MacFarlane: “Family Guy”

Seth MacFarlane Ted: Live With Kelly

Seth MacFarlane discussed his directorial debut "Ted" on "Live with Kelly." (Joe Seer /


Seth is probably best known for his popular and long-running animated sitcom, “Family Guy.” However, anyone who has seen the show knows that it can be pretty inappropriate and politically incorrect. Kelly asked if Seth ever worries about offending anyone. Seth joked that one person he wouldn’t want to offend is Michael Strahan!

In all seriousness, Seth said that you have to be careful with his type of controversial comedy, because if something is going to be offensive, you have to be sure that it is just as funny. This is something that they discuss often in the writers’ room. Kelly said that she would love to catch a behind-the-scenes brainstorming session with all of those funny people.

Seth MacFarlane: Directorial Debut Film “Ted”

Seth is making his directorial debut in the upcoming comedy film Ted. The film stars Mark Wahlberg as a grown man who lives with his talking childhood teddy bear, Ted, who is voiced by Seth. The film also stars Mila Kunis, Giovanni Ribisi. Since Ted is the type of film that a child should not see, Kelly and Seth began discussing some of the films that their parents took them to as kids that they probably shouldn’t have.


Seth went to see Poltergeist at the age of eight. Kelly’s parents took her to see Jaws when she was five, and she said she was afraid to sit on the toilet.

Michael said that after Ted, he will never look at a teddy bear the same way again. Seth said, “I hope so!” They watched a hilarious clip of Mark Wahlberg’s character, John, trying to guess the name of a girl that Ted picked up the previous night. Leave the kids at home and catch Ted when it opens in theaters this Friday, June 29.


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