Live With Kelly: Scarlett Johannson & ‘We Bought A Zoo’


Kelly Ripa: Scarlett Johannson Danish Christmas

Actress Scarlett Johannson was born and raised in New York City, which is also where Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa are raising their three kids. Some of Scarlett Johannson’s favorite holiday childhood memories include ice skating in Central Park, seeing the window displays at Lord & Taylor, and walking up 5th Avenue. Kelly Ripa agreed that some of the best thing to do in New York during the holidays are free.

Live With Kelly: Scarlett Johannson We Bought A Zoo

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Scarlett Johannson loves to bake, and her family has a traditional Danish Christmas meal, featuring goose, apples and prunes, red cabbage and more. They open their presents on the 24th and have a lunch smorgasbord on the 25th.

Scarlett Johannson Giant Reese’s Cake

Scarlett Johannson has been shooting a film in Scotland, which she says is “absolutely beautiful” and despite its recent severe weather puts her in the Christmas spirit.

She celebrated her birthday this year in Scotland with a nice party featuring a giant Reese’s peanut butter cup cake from a website called Pimp My Snack.


She has worked all over the world, but Scarlett Johannson said her favorite place that she has worked is New Orleans, Louisiana. She still visits there every year to spend time with friends.

Scarlett Johannson We Bought A Zoo

The new movie We Bought A Zoo is the true life story of a man who bought a zoo at a difficult time in his life to give his family a new start. He wanted to buy a particular house that happened to have a zoo on the property. Scarlett Johannson shares the spotlight with Matt Damon in We Bought A Zoo.

They worked with lions, tigers, and a bear on the set. “Oh my,” said Kelly Ripa. There were even some large snakes on the set. “I get to work and there’s this huge bucket of snakes, 60 or 70 of them. All kinds, pythons, anacondas, non-venomous snakes, but big,” Scarlett Johannson explained. After awhile, everyone on set got used to the snakes, except Matt Damon. Kelly Ripa shares Matt Damon’s extreme fear of snakes. Click here for Kelly Ripa’s story about a family finding a snake in their Christmas tree.

Kelly Ripa mentioned the old show business cliché that working with animals and children are the hardest things for an actor to do. Mark Consuelos asked which one was tougher for Scarlett Johannson. She said that she’s had a much harder time working with adult actors in the past. “Kids are great,” she joked. “They don’t come in with hangovers.”

We Bought A Zoo opens in theaters this Friday, December 23, 2011.


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