Live With Kelly: Salma Hayek “Savages” Interview


Salma Hayek: Kelly’s Favorite Movie Star

Kelly and Carrie Ann welcomed actress Salma Hayek, whom Kelly called her “favorite movie star.” She said that she loves Salma because she is gorgeous and sweet. Carrie Ann was shocked to hear that Salma is 45, because she looks amazing! Kelly asked if she looks so good because she lives in Paris. Salma replied that maybe that is the reason, but it definitely helps to have a good husband!

Salma Hayek: Daughter Valentina

Salma Hayek Savages: Live With Kelly

Salma Hayek, star of "Savages," talked about her powerful new role on "Live With Kelly." (Helga Esteb /


Salma has a four-year-old daughter named Valentina with her husband, Francois-Henri Pinault. Salma has said that she was very spoiled as a child, so Carrie Ann asked, is Valentina spoiled? Salma said that Valentina is spoiled with love. However, she believes it’s very important for children to have chores and responsibilities. Carrie Ann thought that Salma said “shorts” instead of “chores,” because of her lovely Mexican accent. This mix-up got some big laughs from the audience.

Salma said that Valentina’s job at home is to wash dishes. She is very careful, and thus far, she hasn’t broken one plate! She is also very cautious about money; before Salma buys her something, she’ll say, “I don’t want you to run out of money!” Kelly pointed out the stark contrast between Valentina and her daughter, Lola, who encourages Kelly to buy her things using credit cards.

Salma Hayek: Salsa Dance on “Live With Kelly”

When Salma was a small child, she was drafted to train for the Olympic team in gymnastics. While Salma never made it as an Olympic gymnast, she said that she can still do a few of her old moves. Nowadays, she enjoys staying shape by salsa dancing. That was music to Carrie Ann’s ears– literally! Salsa music began to play, and Kelly, Carrie Ann, and Salma pulled out some of their best salsa moves.


Salma Hayek: Elena in Savages

Salma’s latest role is as Elena, the powerful leader of a Mexican Drug Cartel, in Oliver Stone’s Savages. The film features an ensemble cast of talented actors that also includes Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Johnson, Blake Lively, Benicio del Toro, and John Travolta.

Salma said that she was surprised when Oliver Stone called her to appear in the film, because she never gets calls from directors like him. Realizing what she said (and hoping to not insult anyone), Salma backtracked and said “No! I’ve worked with some amazing directors!” But Oliver was a director with whom she had hoped to work for some time. He actually had Salma in mind for the part before she even knew about it. People were coming up to her and asking her about the film, and she had no idea what they were talking about!

Salma said that having Blake Lively on set was great, because she had a “partner in crime” among all of the boys. The film is very violent and sexy, so Valentina was a little bit too young to be hanging around!

Kelly, Carrie Ann, and Salma then watched a clip from the film of Salma talking to two marijuana growers through a machine that transforms her voice. As Salma said, “Don’t mess with Elena!” Savages is in theaters Friday, July 6, so be sure to see it in theaters!


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