Live With Kelly: Sally Field “The Amazing Spiderman” Interview


Live With Kelly: Sally Field Interview

Known for her roles in films such as Norma Rae and Steel Magnolias, plus television shows such as Gidget and Brothers & Sisters, Sally Field is an Academy-Award winning actress who has had a legendary career. Now, Sally is adding another exciting role to her already impressive resume: she will portray Peter Parker’s Aunt May in the upcoming blockbuster, The Amazing Spiderman. Sally sat down with Michael and Kelly to chat about the film, as well as her wonderful co-stars and becoming a New Yorker.

Sally Field: Journalist Son

Sally Field: The Amazing Spider-Man

Sally Field discussed her role as Aunt May in "The Amazing Spider-Man" with Kelly and Michael. (Featureflash /


When Sally joined the hosts, Kelly asked her about her son. The last time Sally appeared on “Live,” her son was graduating college and was interested in finding a job as a sports writer. Now, Sally said that he is going back to school for journalism. Kelly said that Sally must be very proud. Sally responded that she was, but she is always very proud of all her children. She asked Kelly, aren’t you? Kelly said, “yes, but some of my children I’m more proud of than others!”

Sally Field: First Apartment in New York

Sally revealed that she just bought her first New York apartment. Kelly was surprised, because for some reason she thought that Sally was a New Yorker already. Sally is originally from the San Fernando Valley.

For Sally, the best part of becoming a New Yorker is that she no longer has to drive. She said that the traffic in Los Angeles has been worse than ever. Kelly was in LA back in February, and she said that if you walk down the street there, people think you’re in trouble and your car has broken down. While Kelly was walking in West Hollywood, three different cars stopped to ask her if she needed help. Michael suggested that, since she was walking on the street, maybe they thought she was a street walker– how nice!


Sally Field: Aunt May in “The Amazing Spider-Man”

In the Spiderman series of comic books, the orphaned Peter Parker is raised by his loving Aunt May. Now, Sally has taken on the iconic role in the upcoming film, The Amazing Spider-Man. Sally admitted that she had never read any Spiderman comics as a kid (she preferred the Little LuLu series). However, Sally’s older brother is a huge Spider-Man fan, so he said that finally, she is doing something worthwhile!

Sally Field: Starring with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

When Kelly mentioned that everyone is excited to see the film, Sally said that it was mainly because of her young co-stars, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Kelly agreed that the talented duo really are “something else.” Kelly had met Emma before, so she already knew how “adorable” she is, but she had just recently met Andrew for the first time. Michael said that he just wanted to give Andrew a big hug, because he is so lovable!

The Amazing Spider-Man also stars Martin Sheen, whom Sally had worked with back in 1971 for a TV movie called Mongo’s Back in Town. Sally said that it was wonderful to work with him again, because he is a wonderful man and actor.

Kelly, Michael, and Sally then watched a clip from the film. In the scene, Aunt May confronts Peter Parker after he sneaks home in the middle of the night. You can see Sally, Andrew, Emma, and the entire talented cast of The Amazing Spiderman when the film finally hits theaters Tuesday, July 3 2012!



  1. Betty Gilbert says

    I love Sally Field, but was surprised to see her shoot down Kelly when Kelly said “you must be so proud of your son.” I thought her response was a bit sarcastic–not what I expected from Sally Field.

  2. says

    I am a radio host and an hoping to find an audio clip of Kelly saying that she is more proud of some of her children than others, along with where she later said “They know who they are.” Please contact me if you can get the audio clip. I will give you credit on the air for your help.

    Thanks in advance!

    Katherine Albrecht, Ed.D.
    Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Consumer Privacy Expert, and
    Bestselling Author

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