Live With Kelly: Rose Byrne “Damages” Interview


Rose Byrne: Australia Vs New York

Kelly and Mark welcomed actress Rose Byrne, whom Kelly called “the epitome of a lady” in her lovely pale-pink dress. Mark admitted that he is a huge fan of Rose’s work, and that he forgets that she is actually Australian, because she has such a perfect on-screen American accent. Right now, Rose is living in New York, which she said she loves. However, she is currently dealing with a big issue in her apartment: water bugs. She said that they come out at night and surprise her when she walks into her kitchen.

Kelly pointed out that Rose should be accustomed to pests, because Australia is known to have some of the biggest (and scariest) bugs in the world. Rose said that Australia has some of the world’s most dangerous animals, which is not such a great advertisement for tourists! Kelly suggested a great new ad campaign: “Come to Australia: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”


Rose Byrne: Real Life Bridesmaid

Rose Byrne Damages: Live With Kelly

Australian actress Rose Byrne discussed the premiere of her show "Damages" on "Live With Kelly." (Joe Seer /

Rose is known for her role as snobby trophy wife Helen in the 2011 hit comedy film Bridesmaids. In the film, she and Kristen Wiig’s character, Annie, give one of the world’s longest and most hilarious toasts to the bride and groom. Soon, Rose will be a real-life bridesmaid, in the wedding of her best friend in Australia. Mark asked, will she give the same toast? Rose said no way. She will think of everything that Helen does in the film, and do the opposite.

Rose Byrne: Vegemite Review

Just like Hawaiians love Spam, Australians love Vegemite. The yeasty, pasty spread is an acquired taste, to say the least, to everyone not from Australia. Naturally, Rose loves it. Mark hates it, but Kelly said that she actually enjoyed Vegemite while she visited Australia. She said she is “an adventurous eater.”


Rose Byrne: “I Give It a Year”

Rose had just returned from shooting a film in London that will be released next year. The romantic comedy is called I Give it a Year, and also stars Anna Faris and Simon Baker.

While she was in Europe, Rose took a detour to Florence with her dad. Their hotel was right next to the Ponte Vecchio, and she said it was a beautiful trip. As Kelly pointed out, it’s nice as a child to be able to turn the tables and take care of your parents as you get older. Kelly worries that her kids won’t even be able to take care of themselves!

Rose Byrne: “Damages” Final Season

On the small screen, Rose stars as Ellen Parsons in the legal drama “Damages.” Ellen is the protege of Patty Hewes, played by Glenn Close. Mark is a huge fan of the show, and he wanted some details about the upcoming season, which will be the show’s last. He said, “don’t spoil too much, but tell me everything!”

Rose said that her character is now out on her own, and will going head-to-head with Patty Hewes. The question of the season for Ellen is, “how far will she go?” Rose loves working with Glenn Close, whom she called “remarkable.” She will miss working with Glenn and the entire cast, who have all been together for five seasons. Kelly called Rose and Glenn her favorite female on-screen duo– ever!

Kelly, Mark and Rose watched a clip of Rose and Ryan Phillipe from the show. Be sure to catch them on “Damages” when the show premieres on July 11 at 9 p.m. on DirecTV.


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