Live With Kelly: Rooney Mara “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”


Rooney Mara & Kate Mara: No Sibling Rivalry

Rooney Mara stars in the new movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Kelly Ripa asked how she got her start. She was not a child actor, but she grew up going to Broadway plays and watching classic movies. She wanted to finish school before getting started in the business.

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Rooney’s sister, actress Kate Mara, started working around age 12. She said there is no sibling rivalry, because the two sisters are so different. Mark Consuelos pointed out that Rooney Mara might have the edge, because she was just nominated for a Golden Globe award for her upcoming movie. But Rooney Mara pointed out that her sister Kate Mara’s TV series, American Horror Story, is also up for a Golden Globe.

Rooney Mara: The Social Network

Kelly Ripa asked Rooney Mara if her role as Erica Albright in The Social Network was her big break. Rooney Mara said she had done several small independent films prior to that, but the 2010 film, about the founding of Facebook, got her noticed. It was directed by David Fincher, who also directed The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

She talked about her famous breakup scene with Mark Zuckerberg, played in The Social Network by Jesse Eisenberg. The scene was six or seven pages long, she said, but they needed to get through it in about four minutes, “so we would just rehearse it over and over, timing it.


Kelly Ripa: Rooney Mara’s Football Family

Kelly Ripa pointed out that Rooney Mara has football dynasties on both sides of her family. “My dad’s side, his family founded the New York Giants. And my mom’s family founded the Steelers,” Mara explained. “Was it an arranged marriage?” Kelly Ripa joked. Rooney Mara explained that she and her sister were too small to go into the family business.

Rooney Mara Piercings

Rooney Mara got multiple piercings for her role in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. She did not, however, get a tattoo. She also bleached her eyebrows, and the hairstylists shaved chunks out of her hair for the role. She explained why she kept some of her piercings. “I kept some of them, because if we do the sequels, I don’t want to have to re-pierce everything,” Rooney Mara explained, mentioning that some of the piercings she kept are “under my shirt.”

Because of the risk of shock on your body, there is a limit to how many piercings you are supposed to get in one day, she explained. “I got five in one day, and we didn’t have enough time for me to get all of them, so I didn’t get the nose. Next time, I really want to get the nose,” Mara said. Kelly Ripa offered to go along and get a nose piercing too.

Rooney Mara: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Kelly Ripa mentioned that Mara’s investigator in the film this is a unique character. “She’s unlike any character you’ve ever read, and it’s hard to describe her,” Rooney Mara said. “You just have to discover her.”

The character has a photographic memory and an abusive childhood, so she is a loner who has trust issues and funnels her energy into her work. Rooney Mara worked with a woman from Stockholm to get the accent right.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo opens in theaters December 20, 2011. Recently, co-star Daniel Craig discussed the film with Kelly Ripa and Michael Buble.


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