Live With Kelly: Robert Pattinson, Twilight & Water For Elephants


Robert Pattinson: Saturday Night Live Host?

Seth Meyers and Kelly Ripa’s first guest today was Robert Pattinson. He stars as Edward in the wildly popular Twilight film franchise. Kelly Ripa said her Twitter followers asked her to kiss both sides of his face. She also pointed out that he has never hosted Seth Meyers’s show, Saturday Night Live. Seth Myers then invited Robert Pattinson to visit the show, but Robert Pattinson thinks “it’s terrifying,” adding, “I’m not funny.”

“You don’t have to be funny,” Kelly Ripa explained. “They do all the work for you.” Kelly Ripa hosted Saturday Night Live in 2003.


Live With Kelly: Robert Pattinson, Twilight & Water For Elephants

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Kelly Ripa: Robert Pattinson Twilight

Kelly Ripa asked how the cast and crew of the Twilight movies celebrated when they finished shooting the final film. “Was there a barbecue?” she asked. Robert Pattinson said it was anticlimactic and that his last day working on them was a night shoot. The last film took eight months, and everyone was ready for it to end. But he said he still hasn’t gotten used to the idea of that era being over.

Kelly Ripa said she got a glimpse into Robert Pattinson’s life when one of his movies premiered across the street from her apartment. Residents were barricaded into the apartment building because of the massive crowds gathered outside. She watched him arrive and got to witness the screaming throngs greet him.


Robert Pattinson: Water For Elephants

Robert Pattinson never read the Water For Elephants book, and got it confused with the movie Water For Chocolate. He loved the script and met the elephant he’d be working with before he said yes to the movie. Robert Pattinson said the elephant really does steal the show. He said he now has a better understanding of the expression “the elephant in the room,” because no one can talk about anything else.

Robert Pattinson’s Family

Robert Pattinson brought some family members with him for his movie premiere, and they even tagged along to the Live With Kelly studio. The special guests waved for the camera.


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