Live With Kelly: Rico Rodriguez “Modern Family” Interview


Rico Rodriguez: “Modern Family”

Rico Rodriguez is the teen actor who plays Manny Delgado, son of Sofia Vergara’s character, Gloria, on the hit ensemble comedy series “Modern Family.” Rico joined Kelly and Mark at Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa in Hawaii on “Live With Kelly” August 9. It was actually Rico’s second trip to Hawaii; the first was during the filming of the first season finale of “Modern Family” in Maui.

Rico Rodriguez: Live With Kelly

"Modern Family" star Rico Rodriguez joined the hosts in Hawaii on "Live With Kelly." (s_bukley /


“Modern Family” is a critically acclaimed series, so come awards season, Rico gets to attend the big events like the Golden Globes and the Emmys. Mark wanted to know: does Rico stress about what he’s going to wear? Rico said that his mom and his sister are his stylists, and that he pays them in hugs.

Mark also wanted to know, is everyone always drunk at the Golden Globes? Rico said that he wouldn’t know, because he goes home from awards shows early, but Mark was able to answer his own question: they are!

Rico Rodriguez: Seventh Grade

Rico is now in the seventh grade, although he is schooled along with the other kids by a tutor on the set of “Modern Family.” In addition to shooting and learning his lines, he has to do a minimum of three hours of school a day. His situation might be unusual, but Kelly was glad to hear that Rico is still a normal kid: he said that his favorite subject is recess!


Rico Rodriguez: Britney Spears Tweet

“Modern Family” has a lot of celebrity fans, and one of the biggest ones is Britney Spears. Britney tweeted out that she could not wait for the show, and Rico tweeted her back after all his friends told him that such a huge star gave him a shout-out! Mark and Kelly both thought it was cool, but they were a little offended, because Rico never replies to their tweets! Rico said, “I’ll get to you.”

Rico Rodriguez: Sofia Vergara’s TV Son

Sofia Vergara is a television bombshell, so Kelly wondered if Rico is at the age where his friends would be jealous of all the time he gets to spend with her– even if she is his TV mom. Rico said that pretty much everyone he meets is in love with Sofia, so he’s used to it!

Breaking Bad Vs Modern Family

Rico also said that during Season 3, he got to spend some time with “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston, when he guest-starred in and directed an episode. Bryan and all of the kids had a nerf war on set, and Rico was proud to announce that the kids won both rounds.

Rico, Kelly and Mark then watched a clip from an episode of “Modern Family.” Kelly pointed out that Rico’s character, Manny, is “the world’s oldest child!” Catch the new season of “Modern Family” when it premieres this fall on ABC.


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