Live With Kelly: Rhys Ifans “The Amazing Spiderman” Interview


Rhys Ifans: Speaking Welsh

Since actor Rhys Ifans is originally from Pembrokshire, Wales, his first language is Welsh. The last time Rhys appeared on “Live With Kelly,” he taught Kelly how to speak a little bit of Welsh. She remembered how to say “Bore Da” (pronounced “Bor-RAY-dar”), which means good morning. Carrie Ann asked Rhys to say some more helpful phrases, such as “where is the bathroom?” and “I’ll have another pint.” Rhys said the phrases, but attempting to repeat them was another story!

Rhys Ifans: July 22 Birthday

Rhys Ifans Spider-Man: Live With Kelly

Rhys Ifans discussed his role as Dr. Curt Conners/The Lizard in "The Amazing Spider-Man" on "Live With Kelly." (s_bukley /


Rhys is very tall, so Kelly asked him if he enjoyed dancing. Rhys does not like dancing; he said he is like “a baby giraffe on ice.” That means he won’t be dancing at his upcoming birthday party. On July 22, Rhys is turning 45. Both Kelly and Carrie Ann found that hard to believe, because he looks so good. Rhys joked, “I’ve spent millions on my face!”

Rhys Ifans: Crotch Injuries

Somehow, Rhys has managed to get multiple crotch injuries while filming various movies. He explained that it is due to all of the action sequences. For The Amazing Spider-Man, Rhys and Andrew Garfield were harnessed and hung from the side of tall buildings in order to shoot their fight scenes. Rhys said that the harness feels like “wearing a six-year-old’s underwear.”

Rhys Ifans: Dr. Curt Conners in The Amazing Spider-Man

As a boy, Rhys was a big Spider-Man fan. He remembers receiving his first Spider-Man comic book around the age of six or seven. On the back was a cut-out mask that he colored in and wore around the house. Amazingly, Kelly had a special present for Rhys: a brand new cut-out mask! He tried it on and it looked great, despite his head being much bigger than it was forty years ago.


In The Amazing Spider-Man, Rhys does not play the title character, but Dr. Curt Conners. Dr. Conners is a renowned scientist in cross-species genetics who attempts to replace an arm that he lost by studying lizards. Although he starts out as a good man, Dr. Conners eventually turns mad and becomes the evil, villainous Lizard.

Kelly, Carrie Ann and Rhys watched a clip of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) visiting Dr. Conners’ lab. To see Rhys in action, catch The Amazing Spider-Man, which is in theaters now!


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