Live With Kelly: Patrick Duffy “Dallas” Interview


Patrick Duffy: Working Dude Ranch

Patrick Duffy is an actor known for his many iconic television roles in shows such as “The Man of Atlantis,” “Step By Step,” and of course, “Dallas.” Kelly is an especially big fan his work in “The Man of Atlantis,” most of which was shirtless. Patrick joined Kelly and Andy to discuss the highly anticipated return of “Dallas” to television. They also played a trivia game, which went about as smoothly as one of “Dallas”‘s melodramatic plot lines!

As he sat down with the hosts, Patrick revealed that he currently lives on a working dude ranch with his family in Oregon. He does work on the ranch, but he does not have any animals of his own. He rents out his pastures to other ranchers. So that’s where all the great real estate is!


Patrick Duffy

Patrick Duffy reprises his role of Bobby Ewing on the brand new "Dallas"

Patrick Duffy: “Dallas” Returns to Television on TNT

When Kelly asked Patrick what the inspiration was to come together and re-create “Dallas,” Patrick joked, “Money!” In reality, though, he was eager to work with the cast again. Patrick said that he, Linda Gray (who played Sue Ellen) and Larry Hagman (who played J.R.) have all been best friends since the first script reading in 1978. There’s not a week that goes by that he doesn’t talk to them on the phone or see them in person, when he’s visiting Los Angeles. When “Dallas” originally wrapped in 1991, they all assumed that they would never get the chance to work together again. So, when they got the scripts for the re-make, they all jumped at the chance.

Patrick turned to the audience and assured them that the new “Dallas” is great, and definitely worth watching. He suggested, “give us fifteen minutes, and then decide, but it’s really good.” With perfect timing, Andy joked, “that’s what I say to the ladies.”


Patrick, Kelly, and Andy then watched a clip of the new “Dallas” in which Bobby Ewing tells his family that he has decided to sell Southfork. The new “Dallas” will premiere on TNT on June 13.

Dallas Trivia: “Does Duffy Know ‘Dallas?'”

To test their knowledge of the original “Dallas,” Kelly and Patrick played “Does Duffy Know ‘Dallas?'” while Andy acted as host. Things moved a bit slowly, thanks in part to Kelly’s and Patrick’s immature behavior. Just like an episode of “Dallas,” there was plenty of pushing and scandalous allegations of cheating!

Kelly and Patrick answered questions such as “where was Bobby in the ‘dream season’ episode?” (in the shower) and “what star with a son named ‘Maddox’ guest starred in the 1980s?” (Brad Pitt). As it turns out, both Kelly and Patrick know their “Dallas” facts. But, as Andy said, “because of all your shenani-googles we’re only getting three questions,” so the game ended early!

To see Patrick and all of  your favorite stars, plus some new ones, make sure to tune in to “Dallas” on June 13th on TNT!



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