Live With Kelly: Patricia Heaton “The Middle” Interview


Patricia Heaton: Family Vacation at Aulani Resort

Actress Patricia Heaton is well known for starring role as Debra Barone on the long-running sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond.” Now, Patricia stars in another hit sitcom, “The Middle.” Patricia joined Kelly and Carrie Ann in Hawaii on “Live With Kelly” August 8 to discuss the show, as well as how she had been spending her incredible vacation at Disney’s Aulani Resort.

Patricia Heaton: Live With Kelly

Patricia Heaton discussed her television show "The Middle" on "Live With Kelly." (Featureflash /


Patricia had brought her four sons with her to the Resort and made it a big family vacation. They are teenagers, so they are enjoying the water sports. Unlike her sons, Patricia does not really enjoy big, open water. She much prefers the type of water activities where you can easily find a drink with an umbrella!

Besides all of the great activities, the thing that Patricia is enjoying most about her stay at Aulani is actually found in the bathroom:  the bidet! It got Patricia thinking about how someone needs to invent a baby bidet. Instead of changing countless dirty diapers, parents could just stick their children on the baby bidet, and move on with their day!

Patricia Heaton: “The Middle”

Patricia stars on the ABC comedy “The Middle,” where she plays a mom to three teenage children. Kelly, Carrie Ann, and Patricia watched a clip from the show, where Patricia nags her kids to do their homework. Patricia said that many of the scenarios from the show are reflected into her real life. The challenges are endless when you have four teenage sons!


Patricia Heaton: Raising Four Teenage Boys

Patricia described that homework is truly one of the biggest challenges with her sons. If she asks them if they did it, they of course say that they did, but then out of nowhere, they will have major assignments that are suddenly due the next day. There are websites that list the homework assignments, but with four boys, several different classes, and countless teachers, it’s impossible to keep track.

Patricia said that trying to help her sons with algebra is like “the blind leading the blind.” They always complain that they are never going to use math in real life; however, even though she knows that they won’t, it’s her job as a parent to lie!

To see Patricia and her TV family re-enact some real-life challenges, watch “The Middle” when its fourth season premieres this fall on ABC.


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