Live With Kelly: Nocturnal Animals with Rick Schwartz


Live With Kelly: Rick Schwartz from San Diego Zoo

The world is filled with all types of amazing creatures, and many of them come out only as the sun goes down. Rick Schwartz of the San Diego Zoo joined Kelly and Sam to show off some incredible nocturnal animals. From the cuddly and cute to the downright weird and scary, take a look at some of the nocturnal creatures we met on Live With Kelly.

Greater Bush Baby

Rick Schwartz started with one of the cuter varieties of nocturnal animals: the greater bush baby. These cute little creatures have round faces and very large eyes which help them see in the dark. The bush baby’s name was George (George Bush, get it?) and he was pretty adorable! Kelly loves bush babies, because since she’s also very small, she believes she resembles them.


African Hedgehog

Eagle Owl Nocturnal Animals: Live With Kelly

Kelly and Sam met nocturnal animals from the San Diego Zoo, including an Eagle Owl.

African hedgehogs may have quills, but contrary to popular belief, they are not related to porcupines. Kelly and Sam met a cute little guy named Sonic. Rick explained that the hedge hogs have tiny eyes, because they rely more on their senses of touch and smell. Speaking of smells… Kelly said that while Sonic was cute, he definitely stunk!

Eagle Owl

A baby eagle owl was up next, which was a very interesting looking creature. She was a huge, fluffy owl with gigantic yellow eyes. Kelly got to feel her soft feathers, and even join her in some head bobbing. Rick said that eagle owls are called the “tigers of the night” because they are so adept at killing and hunting.



The kinkajou is another adorable nocturnal animal; it looks like a little baby bear with a long tail. The kinkajou is from Africa, and loves to eat nectar from flowers. Their exceptionally long tongue helps them to grab the nectar, as well as the honey that Kelly got to feed him.

Milk Snake and Crocodile

Finally, Kelly was frightened by her least favorite animal, a snake. The brightly-colored snake was a milk snake, and he actually matched her dress perfectly! Although Kelly was afraid, the snake was pretty docile, and both Kelly and Sam were able to hold him.

As Kelly and Sam held on to the snake, Rick brought out a baby crocodile. While Kelly wasn’t so scared of him, Rick said that a crocodile is far more dangerous than a snake. As a baby, though, he was pretty cute!


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