Live With Kelly: Noah Wyle “Falling Skies” Interview


Live With Kelly: Noah Wyle 41st Birthday

Noah Wyle is an American actor who has had many memorable roles. He has played Dr. John Carter in the long-running hospital drama ER, and Flynn Carsen in The Librarian made-for-television movies. Noah’s most recent role is as Tom Mason in the TNT series Falling Skieswhich has its second season premiere this week. Noah sat down with Kelly and Jerry to talk about the show, plus his children and the recent birthday he has celebrated.

Live With Kelly: Noah Wyle Falling Skies

Noah Wyle discussed his role as alien hunter Tom Mason in Falling Skies season 2 with Kelly and Jerry. (DFree /


Since Noah just turned 41, Kelly asked if he had a problem with being in his 40s. Noah revealed that he had no problem with 40, but he did not like turning 38, because it is the double of 19. 19 was a great year for him, because he was living on his own, starting to act, and becoming an adult.

Noah Wyle: Kids Owen & Auden

Noah is dad to a nine-year-old son, Owen, and six-year-old daughter, Auden. Kelly asked if they are theatrical, since their dad is an actor.

Noah said that the kids both have great imaginations, but they are not actors– at least not yet! Noah said that his role as an alien hunter in Falling Skies gives him lots of “street cred” with his son’s third grade class. His kids love to come to the set, and Owen even gives him some directing tips.


Noah Wyle: Tom Mason Falling Skies

On the sci-fi series Falling Skies, which is now entering its second season, Noah plays Tom Mason, a former American History professor at Boston University. Tom is forced into a leadership role when aliens invade the world and he founds a colony of survivors. He also has to look after his three sons, who were orphaned when his wife was killed during the initial invasion.

Kelly asked Noah what makes science fiction so popular with audiences. Noah responded that it seems to be a cyclical thing; people become so dependent on technology, so it’s interesting to wonder what might happen if it all suddenly went away. Events in American History like the atomic bomb and the moon landing get us thinking about technology and its effect our lives.

Noah Wyle Falling Skies Season 2 Premiere June 17 2012

Noah’s son, in addition to giving directing advice, was the one who originally helped him choose the role of Tom Mason. Noah revealed that after finishing ER, he didn’t really want to do television for a while. However, TNT sent him great scripts to choose from, and he had to go for the alien fighter (according to Owen).

Kelly, Jerry and Noah watched a clip from the show, where Tom Mason confronts a giant and creepy alien through the use of a human translator. You can catch the 2 hour season premiere of Falling Skies, which airs on June 17 2012 on TNT.


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