Live With Kelly: Miss USA Olivia Culpo Interview


Live With Kelly: Miss USA Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo (left), the new Miss USA from Rhode Island, showed off her crown and taught Kelly Ripa her pageant walk today on Live With Kelly. (Arseny Mikhalev /

Live With Kelly: Olivia Culpo Crowned Miss USA

Kelly and Bryant welcomed the new Miss USA by watching a clip of her being crowned at the pageant over the weekend. Her name is Olivia Culpo, and she is a 20-year-old sophomore at Boston University who represented her home state of Rhode Island. Olivia stopped by to chat with the hosts about becoming Miss USA, and even gave Kelly a few pageant tips.


Kelly congratulated her and revealed that as she and Mark were watching the start of the show, he first pointed Olivia out and predicted that she would win. Kelly asked her if she felt confident about her chances from the beginning.

Olivia Culpo: Boston University

Olivia said that she was shocked just to make it into the top sixteen, because all of the girls were beautiful inside and out. Kelly tried to probe Olivia further and get some dirt on the girls, but of course, the beauty queen kept her composure. She said that everyone was very different and all great in her own way.

At Boston University, Olivia is a sophomore majoring in communications. Bryant pointed to Kelly and said, “so you’d like to be this one!” and Olivia admitted that she would. “Well, I’ve got a shelf life,” said Kelly, encouragingly.


Olivia Culpo: Miss Universe 2012 Pageant

Next up for Olivia is the Miss Universe pageant, where she will go head-to-head with girls from all over the world. Bryant wanted to know how one prepares for such a big event, and Olivia said that she hasn’t thought about it too much yet, because she just returned from Las Vegas 24 hours prior. She did give Kelly some tips on how to practice being a beauty queen, though.

Olivia Culpo: Miss USA Pageant Walk

Anyone who has seen pageants knows that beauty queens have a very specific style of walking. On yesterday’s show, Kelly revealed that she is fascinated by the lack of jiggle that occurs during the pageant walk. Olivia said that she would love to show Kelly how to do the walk, which only takes a bit of practice.

Olivia got up and revealed that she used to swing her left arm when she walked, but now she controls it by counting off, leading with her hips, and keeping her arms behind her. Kelly copied her, and was a total natural! She even borrowed Olivia’s crown, put it on her head, and tried the walk one more time. Unfortunately, Olivia said that she has to give the diamond crown away after one year, in order name a new Miss USA.


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