Live With Kelly: Michael Ealy “Common Law” Interview


Michael Ealy: University of Maryland Alum

Michael Ealy is an American actor who with a long and diverse resume that includes many roles in film, television, and theatre. His latest role is on USA’s Common Law, but you probably already know that if you live in New York– his posters are everywhere! Michael dropped by Live With Kelly to talk about his new show, as well as his beginnings as an actor.

Live With Kelly: Michael Ealy Common Law

Michael Ealy from USA's new series "Common Law" discussed his show and working as a New York City waiter with Kelly and Jerry. (Joe Seer /


Michael enjoys a successful acting career now, but this was not the career path he intended to be on. He attended the University of Maryland, first as an Architecture major, but then switched his major to English. By the time he moved to New York City, however, he had already decided to be an actor.

Live With Kelly: Michael Ealy Waiter Career

Jerry joked, “so where did you wait tables?”, but Michael actually did work as a waiter for many years. He worked at a Jamaican restaurant on 23rd Street and 9th Avenue for about five years. Kelly was perplexed as to how Michael did not get “snatched up” by a soap opera, because he has soap actor good looks. She asked, “how did All My Children miss you?”

Michael Ealy: Common Law Posters

Kelly pointed out that– as every New Yorker has noticed– Michael’s face is on the side of buses, at train stations, and just about everywhere else you can imagine, on the Common Law show poster. Michael explained that it’s nice to be proud of a project and to have the studio promote it.


Michael also described moving to Los Angeles, but being disappointed after his role on an HBO pilot directed by Steve Buscemi fell through. However, that disappointment led to the success of Barbershop, the 2002 comedy that served as Michael’s breakout role.

Michael Ealy: Common Law on USA

Michael described his new show on the USA Network, Common Law, which premiered last month. On the show Michael plays Homicide Detective Travis Marks, who is forced into couples’ therapy with his partner because they cannot get along.

Michael said that it’s an action comedy in the vein of films like Lethal Weapon, which were his favorite types of films and shows as a kid. However, it has a twist, because the characters are forced to work out many personal issues through counseling. Michael called it one of the most interesting things he’s ever done.

Kelly, Jerry and Michael watched a clip from the show, where Travis Marks and his partner, Wes Mitchell (played by Warren Kole) are trying to be serious on the job while discussing some of their issues from counseling– talk about multi-tasking! You can watch Common Law on USA, Friday nights at 10 PM.


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