Live With Kelly: Melissa Joan Hart “Melissa & Joey” Interview


Melissa Joan Hart Pregnant, Expecting Third Child

Actress Melissa Joan Hart joined Martin and Kelly for today’s show, huge baby bump in tow. Melissa is expecting her third child with husband Mark Wilkerson. They live in Westport, Connecticut, and have two sons: Mason, 6, and Brady, 4.

Melissa admitted that she is a bit scared to be having a third child, and Kelly joked, “you should be.” Melissa does not know if it is a boy or a girl. Since all the women in her family have all boys, she said that the pressure to have a girl is too big, and she doesn’t want to find out until the baby arrives.


Brady is trying to teach the baby how to box through Melissa’s stomach. Melissa’s husband feels positive that he saw a penis at their last ultrasound. Martin joked, “if you see a penis, there’s a good chance that it’s a boy!” Kelly said that with her kids, she could never tell what was what through the ultrasound. If the doctor was looking at an elbow, she thought it was the head.

Live With Kelly: Melissa Joan Hart

Pregnant Melissa Joan Hart talked with Kelly & Martin Short about Melissa & Joey season 2. (Helga Esteb /

Although all of the guessing is driving Melissa a little bit crazy, she said that it is also kind of fun to have everyone wondering for the next five months.


Melissa Joan Hart: From Clarissa to Sabrina

Melissa began acting as a young child in commercials, and is the eldest of eight children. She grew up in Sayville, New York. Her big break came when she was cast as the sassy teenager Clarissa Darling on the Nickelodeon show Clarissa Explains it All.

She also starred for seven seasons as Sabrina on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and in movies such as Drive Me Crazy with Adrian Grenier.

Melissa Joan Hart: Melissa & Joey Season 2

Melissa’s latest role is as Mel Burke in the ABC Family sitcom Melissa & Joey. The show also stars Joey Lawrence, another teen star from the 1990s, as a ‘manny’ to Mel’s niece and nephew. The season 2 premiere airs tonight on ABC Family.

Melissa is excited about this season because she has gotten to direct a few episodes, and she feels like the writers and actors have all enhanced the show for season 2.

Melissa mentioned some of the fun episodes that are coming up on Melissa & Joey, including one where she teaches her niece, Lenox, to drive, and an episode where Joey debates donating to a sperm bank. Kelly brought up the fact that there is a lot of chemistry between Melissa and Joey on the show. Melissa agreed, saying that they were inspired by Moonlighting and wanted to recreate the type of relationship between Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd on that show.

Melissa Joan Hart: Melissa & Joey Romance?

Martin asked if Melissa and Joey could ever date in real life, if they were both single, of course. Melissa said that she probably could not. She has known Joey since they were both four years old, and their relationship is very brother-sister. But she agreed that on camera, they have great chemistry because they work well together and both have a lot of experience working in television since they were kids.

Kelly, Martin and Melissa watched a clip from Melissa & Joey in which their characters are renovating her kitchen. You can catch the start of season 2 of Melissa & Joey May 30 2012 at 8 PM on ABC Family.


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