Live With Kelly: Matthew McConaughey “Magic Mike” Interview


Matthew McConaughey from “Magic Mike”

Matthew McConaughey has been charming audiences as a leading man for years, from his hilarious role as a hard-partying bad boy in Dazed and Confused to romantic comedies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Matthew’s latest role is sure to be another charmer: he’s shedding his clothes and playing a male stripper in the upcoming Magic Mike. After chatting with Matthew’s co-stars Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello, we now got the chance to hear from Matthew himself. He talked with Kelly and Michael about the film, his recent marriage to Camila Alves, and how to pick a great stripper name.

Matthew McConaughey: Marriage to Camila Alves

Live With Kelly: Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey discussed his recent marriage to Camila Alves on "Live With Kelly." (s_bukley /


Matthew recently married his long-time girlfriend and mother of his two children, Camila Alves. Michael asked him, does it feel any different? Matthew replied that it doesn’t feel any different, but it does feel good to refer to Camila as his “wife,” and for her to call him her “husband.”

Their wedding took place at their home in Austin, Texas, and was a three-day event that featured 110 of the couple’s family and friends. It was an extravagant affair that Matthew and Camila planned in just three weeks.

Matthew McConaughey: Pals with Guy Fieri

One of Matthew’s good friends is Food Network star Guy Fieri, who helped out with the food for the wedding celebrations. Guy cooked crawfish and brisket with Matthew for his guests. Matthew said that he and Guy became friends about five years ago, because Matthew was a fan of Guy’s show, “Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.” Matthew was planning a road trip from California to Florida, so he contacted Guy for advice on some good places to stop for food. They’ve been friends ever since!


This story reminded Kelly that a few years ago, she took a road trip west and swore that she saw Matthew on the road. She said that she even talked about it on the show. Now, she feels validated knowing that he takes road trips often: it probably was Matthew that she saw!

Matthew McConaughey: Kids Levi and Vida

With his now-wife Camila, Matthew has two children: a son, Levi, and a daughter, Vida. Matthew said that Levi, who is almost four,  loves come to New York, because he is a little fashionisto. He loves dressing up and wearing hats. Last night at dinner, Levi even told Matthew that the chicken they were eating was “better than Grandma’s.” However, he also told Matthew not to tell her that. Matthew wondered, where does he learn to say something like that?

Matthew McConaughey: Washington Redskins Fan

As a former football player, Michael asked Matthew how he could possibly be a Washington Redskins fan, since he was raised in Dallas. Matthew explained that as a kid, he admired the players, but he also always rooted for the Indians instead of the cowboys when he watched Westerns. Matthew said that he’s been asked this question many times, and it’s something that people from Texas just do not understand!

Matthew McConaughey: Dallas in Magic Mike

Matthew plays club-owner and stripper Dallas in Magic Mike. Yesterday, Channing Tatum revealed how the extras on set went crazy for Matthew, even ripping his thong right off! Matthew became a bit embarrassed, but he did explain how he performed a “tuck and roll” maneuver in order to cover himself and get away from the mob of crazy women.

Since Michael is an aspiring male stripper, Matthew helped him choose the perfect stripper name, which he explained is an integral part of the process. Matthew suggested “The Giant,” and also, “Michael-I-Don’t-Mind-If-You-Put-Your-Stray-Hands-On-Me-Strahan.” Phew!

Kelly, Michael and Matthew then watched a clip from the film with Matthew in action as Dallas. Make sure to catch Magic Mike, which is in theaters now!


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