Live With Kelly: Matt Bomer “Magic Mike” and “White Collar” Interview


Matt Bomer: Male Stripper in “Magic Mike”

Kelly and Seth welcomed guest Matt Bomer, whom Kelly referred to as “so gorgeous” (he is!). Like many other women who have been to the movies lately, Kelly said that she cannot get over Matt’s role in Magic Mike. Matt referred to his experience playing a male stripper as both “terrifying and amazing.” They showed a few photos of Matt– alongside co-starChanning Tatum— in some of his stripper costumes. Kelly asked, “Matt, why would you ever wear a shirt?”

Matt said that he and the rest of the cast had to wax in order to prepare for their roles. He said that it makes you feel “pre-pubescent” to be so hairless.


Matt Bomer Live with Kelly July 10

Matt Bomer from "White Collar" and "Magic Mike" appeared on "Live with Kelly" July 10

Seth admitted that he made the “awful decision” to go see Magic Mike with his girlfriend. He said that it was pretty disappointing for her to have a night a six-packs and then a “one pack-ish.”

Matt Bomer and Seth Myers: CFDA Fashion Awards

Seth recently hosted the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York, which are like the Academy Awards for fashion. Matt pointed out that when he attended, he saw on stage Seth rocking a see-through Marc Jacobs number and that he “crushed” it!


Matt Bomer: “White Collar” Season Premiere

For three seasons, Matt has starred as con-man Neal Cafferty on the hit USA drama “White Collar.”  Matt, Kelly, and Seth watched a clip from the upcoming season four premiere of the show. Matt attributed much of the show’s success to the talent of the writers; they are always coming up with fresh ideas and interesting situations to throw him into.

Last season, Neal had to make a quick escape and run from the FBI, so this season they shot in Puerto Rico. Matt said that the Caribbean location was great for him, because it gave he and Rum a chance to “get re-acquainted.” However, he said that while he loved the look of his white, vintage three-piece suits, they did not work too well to cool him off in the intense heat!

See Matt in action on the season premiere of “White Collar,” airing on USA Network at 9 PM Tuesday, July 10.



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