Live With Kelly: Math Champion Chad Chen


Math Champion Chad Chen

Chad Chen is an 8th grader from Indianapolis, IN. He joined Kelly and Taye and discussed the huge math competition he won. He received a medal, a trophy, and an $8,000 scholarship. He told Kelly and Taye that he was not always good at math, but he started getting better around 5th grade. Kelly was surprised, because she said 5th grade is where math usually gets really hard; that’s around the time when she stopped being able to help her kids with their math homework. Chad gave her a funny look when she said that, and she said it’s okay that “he feels sorry for her.”

Chad said that to be good at math, you need to work hard, do a lot of practice tests, and learn as much as you can. He is best at geometry. When he grows up, Chad said that he wants to be a neurosurgeon. Kelly suggested he be a plastic surgeon instead.


Live With Kelly Chad Chen

Kelly Ripa interviewed Math Champion Chad Chen.

Live With Kelly: Chad Chen

Kelly, Taye, and Chad then participated in a math challenge, comprised of five different timed math equations. Kelly and Taye were on one team, and Chad was on his own. As you might have guessed, there was pretty much no competition.

The first question was one that involved averages, and even though the audience chanted Kelly’s and Taye’s names, Chad easily got the correct answer. He answered the next question incorrectly, but that was his only mistake. He breezed through the final three questions, answering them before the announcer even finished reading the question. Kelly and Taye could not keep up, getting zero correct answers.


Kelly joked that it was “voo-ju” math, half voo-doo and half ju-jitsu. Depsite her jokes, Kelly said that she was very proud of Chad, and he was awarded another math trophy.


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