Live With Kelly: Mary J Blige “Rock of Ages” Interview


Mary J Blige: Kentucky Derby National Anthem

Originally from The Bronx, New York, Mary J Blige is one of R&B’s most successful singers, ever. She has sold over fifty million records, won nine Grammy Awards, and has been ranked as one of the greatest singers of all time.

As if her music career wasn’t enough, Mary is also an accomplished actress. Her latest role is in the musical film Rock of Ages, which was released in theaters last week. Mary stopped by “Live” to tell Kelly and Nick what it was like to work on such a fun film.


Mary J Blige Swimming Lessons

Mary J Blige Rock of Ages: Live With Kelly

Mary J Blige discussed her latest film, "Rock of Ages," today on "Live With Kelly." (s_bukley /

The last time Kelly saw Mary, the two of them guest co-hosted together. They both said that it was so much fun and would love to do it again. Right now, however, Mary is busy trying to learn to swim. She has a pool in her building and is taking lessons. Kelly encouraged her to keep it up, because being in the water is so much fun. Mary said that she can’t wait to learn.

Mary J Blige National Anthem

Recently, Mary attended the Kentucky Derby, where she sang the National Anthem. Nick asked if Mary ever gets nervous before big events like that. Mary said of course she does– and she was especially nervous to sing at the Derby. She explained that the National Anthem is a difficult song to sing as is, but it’s especially important to not mess it up and offend anyone (as many singers oftentimes do). However, she had a “blast” at the event.


Kelly showed a picture of Mary in her red dress and matching hat. This time at the Derby Mary brought her sister, but she had so much fun, next time she would love to go with a group of girlfriends. She’ll also need to try a mint julep, because she hasn’t had the famous drink yet.

Mary J Blige: Blossom

Kelly noted how great Mary smelled, and Mary revealed that she was wearing her own fragrance, called “Blossom.” Mary has had two successful fragrances that she has created herself.

Mary J Blige: “Rock of Ages”

Rock of Ages is in theaters now, the film adapted from the hit Broadway musical. However, Mary did not see the show on the stage. She did so on purpose, so that she could create an original version of her character from scratch. Mary plays Justice, the owner of the gentleman’s club.

Live With Kelly: Mary J Blige & Pat Benetar

In the film, Mary got to sing a lot of fun rock songs from the 1980s. Her favorite number was “Shadows of the Night,” originally sung by Pat Benetar. Mary said that she was a huge Pat Benetar fan when she was young– during the time when MTV actually played music videos!

Nick pointed out the amazing cast in Rock of Ages, including Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Alec Baldwin. Mary said that she was little bit intimidated by the huge stars, but that they were all so supportive of her. Every day on set was so much fun. She hired an acting coach to help her through, and she would love to do more acting in the future.

Mary, Kelly and Nick watched a clip from the film, where Mary’s character first meets Julianne Hough’s character. Kelly asked Mary, “is there anything you can’t do!” You can check out Rock of Ages, which is in theaters now.


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