Live With Kelly: Martha Plimpton “Raising Hope” Interview


Live With Kelly: Martha Plimpton Raising Hope

Actress Martha Plimpton talked about her roles in Raising Hope, The Good Wife, and classic film The Goonies. (Helga Esteb /

Martha Plimpton: “Raising Hope” Third Season

You might remember Martha Plimpton as a teenager in the cult classic film, The Goonies. These days, Martha is all grown up, playing Virginia Chance on the Fox series Raising Hope. Back in April, Martha sat down with Kelly and Joel to discuss her television roles and her superstitions as a theater actor.


When Martha joined Joel and Kelly, there was reason to celebrate: Martha’s series, Raising Hope, had just been renewed for a third season.

Joel’s series, however, had not yet been renewed (Community later received its fourth season pick-up). At the time, Joel was pretty anxious. He asked Martha, “don’t you need another husband on your show?” Martha told him that he was welcome to come by anytime.

 Martha Plimpton: The Good Wife and Raising Hope

Martha is a series regular on Raising Hope, where she plays baby Hope’s grandmother, Virginia Chance.  However, she is also a recurring guest star on the CBS legal drama The Good Wife, which stars Julianna Margulies.


Recently on The Good Wife, she got to work with Michael J. Fox. Martha said that was really exciting for her, because the last time she worked with Michael was when she appeared on one episode of Family Ties when she was 14, back in 1985.

Martha Plimpton: The Goonies

Right now, like many kids, Kelly’s sons are obsessed with the cult classic film, The Goonies. Martha starred in the 1985 film as Stef, alongside Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, and Josh Brolin. Kelly said that Martha looks exactly the same as she did back then. How is she not aging? Martha laughed, saying that she’s in her 40s and inevitably has “crepey” skin developing around her joints. To solve that problem, Kelly suggested using something called Monkey Butt Paste. She’s never tried it, but she’s heard it works!

Martha Plimpton: Theater Superstitions

Martha was interviewed on Friday the 13th, and Kelly said that she must be superstitious, because she is a theater actress. Martha explained that she’s not very superstitious, but she is ritualistic. She likes to stick to the same routine while doing a show. For example: if she eats a certain soup before a show and the show goes well, she’ll eat that soup before she goes on stage every time. Joel asked her if she would keep the ritual if she got food poisoning. “I’m not irrational, Joel,” she responded.

Martha Plimpton: Raising Hope on Fox

On a recent episode of Raising Hope, it was revealed that Hope’s Mom was still alive. Martha gave a little hint of a sneak peak, saying that the mother comes back and she’s “terrifying.”

Raising Hope ended its second season, but you can catch up on the recent episodes to find out what happened next!


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